Drunk couple thrashes flight attendant, throws their child on the floor

Drunk couple thrashes flight attendant, throws their child on the floor

Manchester Airport Couple Drunk: A drunken married couple assaulted and misbehaved with the flight attendant at Manchester Airport in Britain. Not only this, the couple also threw their child on the ground. After this, a case was registered against the couple and a fine was also imposed. According to a media report, 27-year-old Beth Jones and his 30-year-old wife Kieran Kunna misbehaved with the airline staff.

The report states that a former nurse woman from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, aborted her baby. After this, she along with her husband was taken down from the TUI flight. According to eyewitnesses, the woman first made the child sit on the seat. However, while getting off the plane, she again dropped her child on the floor.

bought a bottle of vodka
In the flight, while misbehaving with the flight attendant, the couple threw money and asked how much do you want from us. Brian Wilson, one of the flight attendants, testified in the magistrate’s court that the situation had turned bad. Both of them were intoxicated. Both were not even able to take care of their child. After his child fell, I picked him back from the ground.

The flight attendant told the court that the couple bought and drank a bottle of duty-free Ciroc vodka at Manchester airport. After this, when the couple came to know that there would be a delay in the takeoff of the flight, they went to drink again.

The judge scolded the couple
The accused woman Jones used to work as a nurse. She worked as a nurse for 10 years. He was punished not to drink alcohol for 1 year. Apart from this, a fine of about 20 thousand was also imposed on both of them.

While sentencing the couple, the judge said, it is a matter of shame that you have brought yourself to this situation. You had a good career job, which you have lost because of a silly incident.

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