Nose Hair Wax Why should nose hair not be removed by waxing?

Nose Hair Waxing: Looking beautiful is the desire of every girl. Women adopt different ways to look beautiful. Some women pay a lot of attention to their face while others are busy in beautifying their body. Women also incorporate waxing into their skin care routine. By the way, she usually likes to do hand, leg and face waxing. However, there are some women who also remove their nose hair through waxing. Now the question arises here, should the nose hairs be teased or should wax be used on them? Let’s find out…

A doctor has warned women and men to never wax their nose hair, the Mirror reports. The doctor says that using wax to remove nose hair can lead to a serious infection in the nose called nasal vestibitis. Not only this, it can also cause the problem of irritation, itching and pain. Well, the treatment of this problem is very easy. However, sometimes boils, blisters and swellings cause problems.

There is a risk of infection.

Nose hairs prevent dust particles and insects from entering the body. Dr. Nicole Aronson said waxing works by breaking down the skin barrier, which means any bacteria can easily enter the tissues and cause infection.

Opt for trimming instead of waxing.

Waxing removes the hair from the roots. Nose hair cannot be discarded. Because they work to protect your nose from allergies. Prevents dangerous bacteria from reaching the throat and lungs. If you are irritated by nose hair, you can opt for trimming instead of waxing. It will not hurt you and will reduce the risk of infection.

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