8 years have passed since this announcement, but the foundation of Darbhanga AIIMS is still not laid. Know the whole story.

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Controversy over Darbhanga AIIMS

Almost eight years have passed since the announcement of the state’s second All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Darbhanga in Bihar, but the land where it will be built is yet to be decided. The basis is far away. In fact, the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced the AIIMS in Darbhanga while presenting the budget during the first term of the Modi government at the Centre. At that time the people of Mithilanchal hoped that the construction of this hospital would start soon and the people here would get better treatment.

The proposal was rejected citing several problems.

Darbhanga has been a land dispute for AIIMS from the beginning. Along with this, the demand of establishing AIIMS in Saharsa was also raised. The Bihar government suggested upgrading Darbhanga Medical College Hospital to AIIMS. The approval was received from the Union Cabinet, but this proposal was also not liked by the Union Government. The central government demanded 200 acres of land from the Bihar government. The Bihar government has earmarked land for AIIMS at Shobhan near Darbhanga airport. It is reported that the central team that came to examine the land rejected the proposal citing several problems in it. After that, the issue of giving vacant land of Ashok Paper Mill also came up. Meanwhile, when the Chief Minister reached Darbhanga during one of his visits, the District Magistrate there showed him a vacant land.

What did Nitish say about PM Modi’s claim?

On the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar It is said that in the year 2015, when it came to building another AIIMS, we requested the Center to build a medical college and hospital at Darbhaga. He said that earlier it was accepted and now it is being said that it will not be made there, it will be made somewhere else. During the Samdhan Yatra, the DM of Darbhanga had shown the land of Shobhan Bypass in connection with the construction of AIIMS. Nitish had said, “This land is very good. I don’t know why they don’t want to build AIIMS there. I want AIIMS to be built there.” On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that AIIMS will be built in Darbhanga, the Chief Minister said, “You should go there and see if AIIMS is built there? If AIIMS had been built there, wouldn’t we have congratulated Modiji?

What did Sushil Modi say on Darbhanga AIIMS?

Here, BJP MP and former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi says that after forming the grand coalition government, Nitish Kumar took credit for the RJD-JDU tussle. It complicated the issue of setting up AIIMS in Darbhanga. They should explain why the 81 acres of land given to AIIMS was taken back? He asked why Nitish Kumar got a memorandum from 15 JDU MPs including Dinesh Chandra Yadav to take AIIMS-Darbhanga to Saharsa for Rs 2000 crore.

“On whose instructions was the land grant announced?”

Sushil Modi questioned on whose request Lalu Prasad’s close friend Bhola Yadav announced the allotment of land for AIIMS in the premises of Ashok Paper Mill (Hayaghat) and the formation of a grand coalition government and Tejashwi Prasad Yadav’s health. After getting the department? Who wanted AIIMS not to be in Darbhanga? He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not get credit for building AIIMS in Darbhanga, so for the first two years the Chief Minister was adamant that DMCH should be upgraded to AIIMS. Later, the Bihar government agreed to give 150 acres of land on the DMCH campus itself for Darbhanga AIIMS. 82 acres of land was also allotted.

Later, under pressure from the JDU, the Bihar government allotted 151 plots of land in Shobhan Bypass, which was waterlogged land in a pit 30 feet below the road, Modi said. The central team did not find it suitable for the construction of the AIIMS building. Modi said that Nitish Kumar pushed the Darbhanga AIIMS welfare scheme into the deep pit of cheap politics.

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