Addressing the nation, President Draupadi Murmu said – This is a proud moment for us.

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Draupadi Marmu

President Draupadi Murmu has addressed the nation on the occasion of Independence Day. President Murmu congratulated and wished the compatriots on the 77th Independence Day. Meanwhile, he said that this is a wonderful and auspicious occasion for all of us. He said, ‘I am very happy to see that there is an atmosphere of celebration in the air. It is a matter of happiness as well as pride for us how children, youth and elders everywhere in India, in cities and villages, are excited and preparing to celebrate this festival of our independence. People are celebrating ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ with great enthusiasm.

President remembered Kasturba Gandhi.

Addressing the nation, the President of the Republic said that on the occasion of Independence Day, I join my fellow countrymen in paying tribute to the known and unknown freedom fighters whose sacrifices have helped India attain its rightful place in the world. Has succeeded. He said, “Great women freedom fighters like Matangani Hazara and Kankalta Baruah laid down their lives for Mother India. Mother Kasturba followed the path of Satyagraha step by step with Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

The new education policy will bring changes.

President Draupadi Murmu said that the change in the new education policy of 2020 has started. It will bring many new changes in the country in the coming time. He said, “I am happy to know that in our country, special attention is being given to women’s economic empowerment. Economic empowerment strengthens the position of women in the family and society. I am all of us.” I request the countrymen to give priority to empowerment. We would like our sisters and daughters to overcome challenges with courage and move ahead in life. Women’s development was one of the ideals of our freedom struggle.

The President mentioned the G-20.

Speaking further, the President of the Republic said that today we are seeing that India has not only achieved its rightful place on the global stage but has also increased its stature in the international system. India is playing an important role in promoting it. He said, ‘India has also taken the lead in the global development and humanitarian goals of international forums, especially the presidency of the G-20. Because the G-20 represents two-thirds of the world’s population, it has a unique opportunity to help shape the global debate.

We are all citizens of a great country.

Addressing the nation on the 77th Independence Day, President Draupadi Murmu said, “When we celebrate Independence Day, we are actually celebrating being citizens of a great democracy. Each of us has a distinct identity. Caste.” Apart from creed, language and region, we have an identity linked to our family and work area,” he said, “but we have one identity which is more than all these and that is to be a citizen of India. We are equal citizens of this great country.We all have equal opportunities and rights and our duties are also equal.

A unique way of freedom struggle

Murmu said that India is the mother of democracy and even in ancient times there were democratic institutions at the lower level but the long colonial rule destroyed these democratic institutions. He said that on August 15, 1947, the nation saw a new dawn when the country not only gained independence from foreign rule but also gained freedom to shape its own destiny. The President said that after independence, the phase of abandoning the colonies of foreign rulers began and colonialism began to end. He said, “It was important for us to achieve the goal of freedom, but what is more remarkable is our unique way of fighting for freedom.”

Mention of Freedom Fighters

Mentioning the contribution of freedom fighters, the President said that the national movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and many other extraordinary and visionary personalities was characterized by unique ideals. He said that Mahatma Gandhi and other great heroes revived the spirit of India and conveyed the values ​​of the country’s great civilization to the people. The President said that following the shining example of India, the foundation of freedom struggle ‘truth and non-violence’ has been successfully adopted in many political struggles across the world. “On the occasion of Independence Day, I stand united with the citizens of India in paying tribute to all known and unknown freedom fighters. Through their countless sacrifices, India regained its proud place in the international community.

Prioritize women empowerment.

In his address, the President touched upon various topics including dimensions of democracy, women empowerment, climate change and global warming challenge, space programme, Chandrayaan-Abhiyan, Indian economy. Murmu said that today’s women have made a special place in many fields in which their participation could not have been imagined a few decades ago. He said, “I am happy to see that special attention is being paid to the economic empowerment of women in our country. Economic empowerment strengthens the position of women in the family and society.” The President said, “I request all countrymen to prioritize women empowerment. I would like our sisters and daughters to face all kinds of challenges with courage and move ahead in life. The development of women is included in the ideology of freedom struggle.

Missed the heroines

He said that heroines like Matangini Hazara and Kankalta Baruah sacrificed their lives for Mother India. He said that Mother Kasturba should continue to walk the path of Satyagraha step by step with the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He said that women figures like Sarojini Naidu, Amu Swaminathan, Rama Devi, Aruna Asif Ali and Sachita Kripalani have provided inspiring ideas for women of all generations to serve the country and society with self-confidence. . The President said, “Our country has entered into the ‘Amrit Call’ with new resolutions and we are moving towards making India a developed country by 2047. Let us all work together to fulfill our basic constitutional duties. “Let us strive for excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activities so that our country continues to progress and touch new heights of hard work and achievement,” he said.

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