Did Smriti Irani marry her friend’s husband? Years later the truth said, ‘Don’t drag them into this…’

Smriti Irani asked me something: Smriti Irani is in discussion these days for accusing Rahul Gandhi of flying kiss. Meanwhile, his personal life is also being discussed a lot. Meanwhile, recently Smriti Irani did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session from her Instagram account. In which he gave very good answers to everyone’s questions. Meanwhile, a user raised a question about her husband Zubin Irani’s first wife. Smriti replied that Mona is not her childhood friend.

Smriti Irani married friend’s husband?
Smriti Irani answered every question in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session very simply, though during this one user asked a question that angered Smriti. In fact, a man asked Smriti Irani if ​​she married her childhood friend’s husband. To which Smriti replied, ‘Mona is not my childhood friend’.

‘Don’t drag Mona into the gutter’ – Smriti
Smriti wrote, ‘No sir… Mona is 13 years older than me… so there is no question of her being my childhood friend… He is a family man, not a politician, so Don’t drag him into it. It… fight me, argue with me, humiliate me, but don’t drag anyone who has nothing to do with politics down the drain with you. He deserves respect.”

Smriti Irani was also appreciated for her ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, as no politician had done it before. Smriti, on the other hand, did this at a time when she is in constant debate over the impeachment of Rahul Gandhi.

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