Fact Check: Claim of special screening of Gadar-2 for President Draupadi Murmu is fake, full details out in the open

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India TV Fact Check: In this race of breaking news, many times false news is published because of our initiative. Social media starts promoting these news again, then wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. After making a mistake many times, it is not even known what is the truth behind it? One such news has been shared rapidly for the past few days, talking about holding a special screening of Gadar-2 for President Draupadi Murmu. It has also been covered by several websites. Now the full truth has come out.

What is a claim?

Posts and news from social media to digital news media have claimed that a special screening of Gaeder-2 has been held for President of India Draupadi Murmu. After this news came to light on social media, users are giving their different opinions. Some find it right and some find it wrong.

What is the real truth?

When we came to know about this news, we started researching whether the president has really expressed such a desire. First, we visited the official Twitter handle of the President of India, where no information about him was shared. Then we tried to see the press release issued on the official website of the President of India. No such press release has been issued in the recent past in which any such desire has been expressed by the President. When we searched about it on Google, many news stories were shared by national websites, including information about the President expressing his wish. At the same time, a news item was carried by the Mint, citing the PIB fact-check. When we visited the Twitter handle of PIB, the government’s official fact-checking body, after reading the news, we found a tweet calling it false.

The tweet read that media reports are claiming that a special VIP screening of Gadhar 2 is being organized for the President. This is a routine screening that takes place at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the President did not wish for such a special screening. The President is not attending the screening.

That is, what is being claimed by various websites is wrong. So all of you should avoid sharing such wrong news and do your part to spread the right news to common people.

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