Health tips when to take medicine for cold learn treatment in hindi.

Cold medicine: Cold, cough and flu are seasonal diseases. They are worried about the change in weather. This causes headaches and fatigue throughout the day. Some people take medicine immediately for a cold, while others avoid taking medicine. They believe that taking medicine immediately in a cold causes a cold and can lead to serious problems like headaches and sinuses. Tell us whether we should take cold medicine or not. If the medicine is to be taken, it should be taken immediately or later.

In cold, the body gives signals.

In cold, the body gives some symptoms (Cold Symptoms), if you pay attention to it, you can get relief soon. If you are feeling more tired in the body due to cold, body and head ache then you should avoid doing more than necessary. In such a situation, give maximum rest to the body. It can bring relief very quickly. It is considered more beneficial to rest the body instead of taking immediate medicine.

When should medicine be taken in the cold?

According to health experts, the problem of cold and flu is caused by the toxins accumulated in the body. Nasal water flushes out toxins. When we take the medicine right away, the toxins are not flushed out and the problem gets worse. If the cold continues for three to four days, medicine should be taken. The doctor says that one should wait for three to four days first. Usually the cold clears up on its own during this period, but if it persists, consult a doctor and take medicine. Otherwise, the problem may increase.

What to do in the cold?

One should drink honey and ginger juice.

Ginger should be taken in lukewarm water.

Ginger can also be taken with warm water.

Eating light food and drinking warm milk is beneficial.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and tips mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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