Income tax department sent 7 types of notices, know details if you are waiting for refund.

If you have filed ITR for the financial year 2022-23, you may get a notice from the Income Tax Department for some reasons. However, there is no need to worry if you fill all the information correctly. Income tax department cannot send notice in such situation.

If you are going to file an income tax return, it is advised by the Income Tax Department that you file your return on time and correctly. If you face any problem you can take advice from Income Tax Department. Here are 6 types of Income Tax Notices you should know about.

Notice under section 143(2).

A taxpayer who has filed a return under section 139 or 142(1). He may be given notice under Section 143(2) of the Income Tax Act. If the Assessing Officer (AO) feels that the taxpayer has shared some wrong information or has omitted any information related to income, he can issue a notice. According to the expert, the AO officer can ask the taxpayer to produce any evidence through a notice.

Information under section 156

Notice can also be issued under section 156 of the Income Tax Act, when the Assessing Officer is required to pay any tax, interest, penalty or any other amount demanded by the person.

Notice on set-off of refund under section 245

The IT department may send notices to taxpayers who have tax arrears during the previous financial year. In such a situation, a notice under Section 245 can be sent to these taxpayers. Refunds to such taxpayers are also delayed.

Notice of defective return u/s 139(9).

A return may be treated as invalid due to incomplete or inconsistent information in the return or for any other reason. The Income Tax Department may issue a notice under Section 139(9) of the Income Tax Act to inform the taxpayers thereof. If the taxpayer is required to file the return within a period of 15 days from the date of such intimation.

Notice under section 142(1).

A notice under this section may be issued when a person or entity has already filed its income tax return and additional information is required to be submitted.

Notice under section 148

This notice may be issued when the Income Tax Department asks for re-filing of previous assessment returns due to suspected low income.

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