Not 100-200, full 20 thousand percent growth, India became such a multi-bagger in 76 years.

August… the month of freedom. 76 years of independence of the country will be completed on 15th of this month. Even today, India is not considered among the developed countries, but in these 76 years, this country has made extraordinary progress. The country that used to reach for grain to feed its people, today is regarded as an economic powerhouse and is called an engine of global growth. Let’s know today this wonderful story of 76 years of India…

A multi-bagger stock-like story

We have continuously told you the story of Multibagger Shares. The story of stocks that double investors’ money, the story of stocks that grow from 100-200-400 to 1000-2000 percent. Today’s story is not about shares, but this story certainly rings true with 100% marks on all definitions of being a multi-bagger. This is the story of a rising India… an India that has not only stood up, but is now running at full speed… an economy that has grown not 100-200 but 20,000 per cent in the last 76 years. has developed. Progress is visible…

Britain was left behind.

First, let’s put today’s picture and past picture together. When India became independent on the midnight of August 15, 1947, the size of the country’s economy was 2.7 lakh crore rupees. In this year i.e. 2023, the economy of India is estimated to reach 272 lakh crore rupees. When India became independent, it was the sixth largest economy in the world. Just last year, India became the fifth largest economy in the world. Interestingly, in the meantime, India has also overtaken Britain, which ruled India till August 15, 1947.

Looking at the figures for Rs, the whole picture is not clear. After the Second World War, the US dollar acquired the role of world currency. The US dollar is still the only global currency. This is why the IMF or the World Bank, India or China… dollars are mainly used for GDP figures. So let’s take a look at the picture in dollars. You have seen in the above chart that in 1947 1 dollar was equal to 3.30 rupees which is currently falling to around 83 rupees.

In dollar terms, the size of India’s economy in 1947 was only $20 billion. It took more than 35 years to reach 10 times that is $200 billion. To look at the economic history of independent India, the year 1991 serves as a base point. The year 1991 becomes significant because that is when India decided to go with liberalization. Earlier, India’s economic policies were governed by a mixture of capitalism and socialism.

At the time of liberalization, the size of the Indian economy was about $325 billion. That is, in 44 years from 1947 to that time, India had traveled from 20 billion dollars to 325 billion dollars. India is now completing 32 years of liberalization. In these 32 years India’s economy is going to grow from $325 billion to $4 trillion i.e. $4000 billion. Compared to the beginning ie 47, that’s a 200-fold increase…a whopping 19,900 percent growth.

The size of GDP The year
20 billion dollars 1947
37 billion dollars 1960
62.5 billion dollars 1970
186 billion dollars 1980
321 billion dollars 1990
360 billion dollars 1995
468 billion dollars 2000
820 billion dollars 2005
1 trillion dollars 2007
2 trillion dollars 2014
3 trillion dollars 2021
$4 trillion (estimated) 2023

Now here comes a point that when in 1947 India’s position was 6th in the world and now we are at 5th, it has improved by only 1 position… what is the big deal? This also becomes clear after breaking the gap of 76 years. We go to August 1947. India has just become independent. World War II has just ended for the world. We are the sixth largest economy in the world. Moving from chaos to new order. Come 1950, we are still in sixth place. Now the situation is that the world is developing, we are also developing, but the speed of other countries is more than us. One by one, many countries overtook us and we are at 12th position when liberalization is starting in India. Meanwhile, Asian countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea are also ahead of us. We became sixth in the world and sixth in Asia when India was embracing liberalisation. Now watch the journey from there to become the 5th largest economy and even overtake France-UK.

The current economy of India and its momentum is amazing. All the organizations all over the world have appreciated this speed. In the next 1-2 years, India will overtake Japan to become the fourth largest economy in the world and the second largest economy in Asia. When we complete 80 years of independence, this thing will have become a new reality. And when we complete 85 years of independence, we will surpass Germany as the third largest economy in Europe. According to some estimates, India will overtake the US and China in the next 40-50 years.

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