Pharma stocks have performed amazingly in 2023, giving returns of up to 120%.

Increase in pharma stocks: When the Corona outbreak struck in March 2020, the pharma stocks saw a huge boom due to the increased awareness among people about medicines, vaccines and health. The same was the case with diagnostic stocks. But after the end of Covid, the stocks of the pharma-healthcare sector declined for the last two years or started trading in a limited range. But the year 2023 has been very good for stocks in the pharma sector. Investors who invest in shares of this sector have got huge returns.

Aurobindo Pharma rose 120 percent.

First, let’s talk about the stock of Aurobindo Pharma which has given fantastic returns to its shareholders. A share of Rs 288 in March 2020 rose to Rs 1063 in March 2021. But after the end of Corona, on February 3, 2023, the stock fell to Rs 397. But now the stock is trading around Rs 872. That means in less than 7 months, in 2023, the stock has returned 120%.

Lupine yielded 83 percent.

of the legendary pharma company Lupine. Lupine stock fell to Rs 504 on 13 March 2020 before the lockdown was announced due to Corona, but during the second wave of Corona, Lupine stock reached Rs 1267 in June 2021. A year later, in May 2022, the stock fell to Rs 600. But again in 2023 the stock took a U-turn and now the stock is trading at Rs 1082. That means the stock has given a return of 83% during this period.

Cipla Sun Pharma also saw gains.

Pharma sector giant Cipla has also delivered strong returns to investors in recent months. The stock was trading around Rs 850 on March 22, 2023, which is now trading at Rs 1236. Cipla has given investors 45% return in less than 5 months. If you look at another giant Sun Pharma, its stock was trading around Rs 800 after the end of Corona in June 2022 and is now trading at Rs 1135. And the stock has returned 42 percent over that period.

Nifty Pharma gave 33% profit.

In the same year on March 13, 2023 Nifty Pharma Index was trading at 11,542 points which is now trading at 15,305 points. The index has also seen a rise of 15,750 points. That is, in just 5 months, this index has given a profit of more than 32%. Market experts believe that the pharma sector has now come out of the shadow of Corona. Stability has been seen in this sector for a long time. But the valuation of stocks in this sector has fallen so much that there is still room for growth.

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