PVR Inox has grown by 22% in a month with a record collection of 100 crores at the box office.

PVR-Inox Stock Price: While Sunny Deol’s Gadhar-2 is running riot at the box office, multiplex chain company PVR-Inox (PVR-Inox) has also turned out to be a coup in terms of earnings. The stock market is down, but multiplex chain company PVR-Inox’s stock is seeing a big rally on Monday. The stock of PVR-Inox is trading at Rs 1725, up 5.26 percent or Rs 87.

The stock of PVR-INOX (PVR-Inox Stock) The reason for the boom is the record earnings of multiplexes in the last weekend. PVR-Inox said in a regulatory filing to the stock exchange that August 13 was the highest number of viewers in a single day at a multiplex. The company said it welcomed 12.8 lakh viewers in its multiplexes in a single day, leading to a record single-day box office collection of Rs 39.5 crore.

PVR-Inox said the weekend between August 11 and 13 was the highest-grossing weekend in the company’s history. A total of 33.6 lakh viewers watched the film at PVR-Inox’s multiplexes these days, taking the company’s weekend box office earnings to over Rs 100 crore.

Last week saw the release of Sunny Deol’s three Hindi films Gadar-2 and Akshay Kumar’s OMG and Jailer in Tamil, the company said. Due to the excellent content, these movies are getting great response. Let us tell you that PVR-Inox is the largest multiplex company in the country, having 1708 screens in 115 cities including India and Sri Lanka. In the past one week, PVR-Inox’s stock has returned 8 percent to its investors, close to 22 percent in one month and 19 percent in three months. Where the stock has given a negative return of 15% in a year due to the growing OTT craze and audience drifting away from multiplexes.

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