The stock filled up in 2 months, the stock went up 80%, investors got rich.

The year 2023 may not have been very special for the stock market but the process of new entry in the market is going on. Now the IPO of TVS Supply Chain is here. In the coming days, an IPO by the Tata Group is coming up after almost two decades. Some of the newer stocks that have come into the market have also performed very well. One of them is PTC Industries Limited.

10% increase today.

Shares of PTC Industries are still up 10% today. The stock closed at Rs 5,504.15 in today’s trade. The stock was listed on NSE about two months ago. Shares of PTC Industries saw a rally on the day of listing. As it listed on NSE on June 9, 2023, the stock registered a gain of 3 percent.

The stock became a multibagger in 2 months.

The share price has increased by around 16% in the last 5 days and over 36% in the last one month. It was listed at a price of Rs 3,070.15. Accordingly, since its listing on the NSE, the share price has increased by a whopping 79.28%.

More than double the price in 6 months

PTC Industries shares may have started trading on NSE 2 months ago, but it has already been in the market. It is already trading on BSE. Its price has increased by 122% in the last 6 months on BSE while it has given a return of around 120% so far in the year 2023. Its share price has increased by more than 190% in the last one year.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. As an investor always consult an expert before investing. It is not advised to invest money here.)

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