48 years have passed since Sholay was released, know some interesting facts about the film

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Shlay Movie Facts: Indian film industry has produced many best films, many films have received worldwide acclaim, many films have earned thousands of crores at the box office. But when it comes to ‘Shalay’, it is not just a film but an emotion. Hardly any other Bollywood film can achieve the status that this film has achieved. Generations have passed but even today people remember the dialogues and scenes of this movie. Many of his dialogues are used as proverbs in the country. Today, 48 years have passed since the release of this film which graced the theaters on August 15, 1975. On this special occasion, let’s know some funny facts about this movie…

The set was made up of the entire village.

You will be surprised to know that at that time no village was selected for the shooting of this film, instead the whole village was set. Earlier shooting was either done in some sets built inside the studio or the village was shown with the help of real houses. This was the first time an entire village was built as a set.

This scene was filmed over 3 years.

Once co-actors Hema Malini and Ramesh Sappi appeared as guests on Amitabh Bachchan’s show ‘Kun Banega Crorepati’, as well as virtually Dharmendra was also associated with the show, many secrets related to the film were revealed. were On the show, Amitabh Bachchan revealed that it took three whole years to shoot one scene. Because Ramesh Sappi was not getting a shot of his mind. Big B had said, “There was a scene in the film where we are playing the mouth organ downstairs and Jayaji is lighting a lamp upstairs. It took three years to shoot that scene. Different lighting was required. Our director was a “Wanted to get the perfect one. It was shot at sunset.”

Dharmendra traveled 45 km on foot.

Dharmendra, who is almost associated with the show, also said that remember, I had walked 45 km to shoot this film. In response, Ramesh Sipi says yes, remember. However, both did not explain what was the situation that Dharmendra had to walk so much.

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Gabbar was about to become an actor.

Let us tell you that Amjad Khan was not the first choice of the makers for the role of Gabbar Singh, but they wanted to give the role to Danny. But Danny didn’t show much interest for the role and he also had date issues. After which Amjad Khan was approached for the role of Gabbar. Then Amjad Khan also changed it according to his own calculations.

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