A new star has been discovered by the IIA Institute in Bangalore.

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Scientists at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) in Bengaluru have discovered a new star. Scientists have named this star HE 1005-1439. Scientists at the IIA Institute have classified this newly discovered star as carbon-enhanced-metal-poor (CEMP).

Scientific wonder

This new star formation process has confounded scientists’ previous understanding. The star is showing signs of formation through the combination of two different processes taking place in different astrophysical environments. According to scientists, this star is formed by a combination of 2 different neutron capture processes, slow (S-) and intermediate (I-).

Several revelations in research

The research of Parthapratyam Goswami and Prof. Aruna Goswami at IIA has led to several revelations. High-resolution spectroscopic data obtained using the High Dispersion Spectrograph (HDS) attached to the Subaru telescope have been used to analyze the chemical composition of the star’s surface. The team found that the star’s iron content is thousands of times less than that of the Sun and that it is full of neutron-capturing elements.

Never seen before

IIA’s Parthapratyam Goswami reported that for the first time we found an object with a chemical composition on the surface that has slow and intermediate (i) neutron capture nucleosynthesis available. He said that such a case had never been seen before in any CEMP stars. They reported that the chemical composition of the star’s surface is affected by an equal contribution of both S- and I- processes. Which is quite surprising.

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