After ‘Qurbani’, Mayuri bid farewell to cinema, know why she is now called ‘Google Girl’

Muri Congo Unknown Facts: In the year 1996, a movie came out… Naam Tha Papa Kahein… This movie didn’t do well at the box office, but one of the songs from the movie ‘Ghar Se Niklete Hai’ and its actress grabbed everyone’s attention. .Made a place in my heart forever. Today the story is about this actress, because today is her birthday. Of course we are talking about the Maori Congo. Let us introduce you to a few stories from Mayuri’s life in the Birthday Special.

Career shined from the very first film.

Born on August 15, 1982 in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Myuri Kangu achieved the fame that every actress yearns for even today with her very first film. Mayuri played the lead role in the film Papa Kete Hai and became one of the biggest stars in the industry overnight. In fact, she was seen with Jugal Hansraj in this film. Although this film did not run, but both the hero and heroine of the film managed to make their mark.

This is how I got into films.

The story of Mayuri Kongo’s entry into Bollywood is also very filmy. Actually, it was during those days, when Mahesh Bhatt was making the film Papa Kahe Hai. He was looking for a face that was innocent and fresh looking. Mahesh Bhatt’s quest is fulfilled as Mayuri Kongo. He liked Mayuri so much that Mahesh Bhatt saw her and said that only this blue-eyed girl would be the main heroine of his next film. Meuri became a star from her very first film but after that she didn’t get the roles she wanted. He spent time in the industry doing small roles but his luck was so bad that half of Mayuri’s films did not get released.

Said goodbye to Bollywood after not getting success.

It is worth noting that Mayuri Kangu made her debut in Bollywood with the film Naseem. There, Meuri Kangu acted in films like Betabi, Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet, Mere Own, Badal, Papa The Great, Jung, Shikhari, Vamsi, Jeetinge Hum and Kashmir Hamara Hai etc. Myuri Kongo’s last film was Kurban which was released in 2009. However, no other movie got the same fame as Mayuri Called Papa. In such a situation, he considered it better to stay away from the world of cinema.

Why is it called Google Girl?

After saying goodbye to Bollywood, Mayuri married NRI Aditya Dhillon and moved to New York. He did his MBA in Marketing in New York. After some time he is said to have joined Google India, where he was given the command of Head of Industry. Tell that Mayuri also has a son.

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