Akshay Kumar shocks haters on Independence Day, now no one will raise on citizenship

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Akshay Kumar.

Indian people are celebrating 77th Independence Day today. Everyone is full of excitement on this occasion. Bollywood is also seeing different excitement regarding Independence Day. Bollywood stars are celebrating Independence Day in different ways. On the other hand, Bollywood actor Kumar has created a stir among his fans with one of his Instagram posts. Akshay Kumar has now become an Indian citizen. The actor has got Indian citizenship.

Akshay revealed his citizenship.

Akshay Kumar’s Happy Independence Day is a big blow to the haters. Those who used to question Akshay Kumar’s citizenship, the actor has stopped talking to them. Akshay has shared a post on social media, in which he has posted a picture of the citizenship certificate. Along with this he wrote in the caption, ‘Both Indian heart and citizenship. Happy Independence Day.

Earlier, Akshay had Canadian citizenship.

It should be noted that Akshay Kumar previously held Canadian citizenship, not Indian citizenship. His films were constantly flopping, after which he decided to settle in Canada, but after that, once again his coin started to work in Bollywood and he could not leave India and go to Canada. Akshay had been trying for Indian citizenship for a long time. Finally now he has got Indian citizenship.

Akshay was asked questions.

Haters also questioned his patriotism several times because of his Canadian citizenship. Akshay never shied away from answering these questions. He openly explained the reason for taking Canadian citizenship. Along with this, he also said that he has applied for Indian citizenship, which he has now got. Akshay Kumar fans will be very happy with this news. Akshay Kumar’s movie OMG 2 has been released recently. Akshay is seen in the role of Shiva’s song in the film. The film stars Yami Gautam and Pankaj Tripathi in lead roles.

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