Calling Sachin ‘Lipo’ and ‘Jhangur’ will cost ‘Bhabhiji’ dearly, Seema will take legal action.

Seema Haider to take legal action against brother-in-law for calling Sachin a liar - India TV Hindi

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Seema Haider will take legal action against the brother-in-law who called Sachin a liar.

Some time ago, Seema Haider came to India from Pakistan via Nepal, crossing all borders for her love. The love story of India’s Sachin and Pakistan’s Seema made a lot of headlines. But some time ago, a video of inappropriate and derogatory remarks about Sachin’s personality went viral on social media. In fact, days after a video of Seema Haider’s neighbor Mithilesh Bhati calling Sachin ‘Lipo’ and ‘Jhangur’ went viral on social media, Haider’s lawyer warned the neighbor of a defamation suit.

‘Every husband in the country will get an answer’

Seema’s lawyer AP Singh said Mithilesh Bhatti would get a reaction from every husband in the country for her “derogatory” comments about Sachin. Mithilesh Bhatti called Sachin “Jhangur sa” and “Lipo sa” in an interview with the media. After these interviews, Mithilesh became the talk of the town overnight and dominated the social media. Now AP Singh is preparing to take legal action against Mithilesh Bhati over these comments.

‘The comment is an insult to every husband’

According to information, AP Singh asserted that this comment is an insult to every husband. In a diverse country like ours, insults on the basis of skin color and physical characteristics will not be tolerated, the lawyer said. We are planning to take legal action against the woman.

‘People call me Lippy’

There has also been a reaction from Mithilesh Bhati, who said that he did not insult anyone. He said, I got angry and these words came out of my mouth. Such language is commonly used in our colloquial speech. People call me ‘Lippy’ but that doesn’t mean I will become ‘Lippy’. I did not insult anyone.

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