Common signs and symptoms caused by a brain tumor may include:

Brain Tumor Symptoms: Brain tumor has become a serious problem nowadays. The scariest thing is that referring to the early symptoms of brain tumor, doctors say not to take this disease lightly. It starts with a mild pain in your head, but as time goes by, the pain starts to worsen. After some time this headache becomes so severe that you cannot bear it. The most important thing in such a situation that often has to be kept in mind. That is, if the headache persists, be it mild or severe, you should contact a doctor immediately without delay.

You may be surprised to know that there is still no cure for brain tumors. There are three stages of this disease. If this disease is detected in time, your life can be saved. But if you completely ignore its signs, you are dependent on God.

Complete information on brain tumors

In this article you will know what is a brain tumor? What could be the reasons for this? Its symptoms, types, how to protect. What tests are necessary after having a brain tumor?

What is a brain tumor?

In brain tumors, brain tissue grows abnormally. As you know the brain is locked inside a very hard skull. This is why tissue growth inside the scalp can cause many problems.

Types of brain tumors

There are different types of brain tumors. Some brain tumors are non-cancerous. Some brain tumors are cancer. If a brain tumor starts in your brain, it is called a primary brain tumor. If it starts in another part of the body and reaches the brain, it is called a secondary or metastatic brain tumor.

Early symptoms of brain tumors

Constant mild headache at first

Deterioration of headache over time

Dizziness, vomiting

Decreased vision. Or blurred vision, seeing everything double

Constant sensation in the extremities

Difficulty remembering anything

Difficulty speaking or understanding

Loss of hearing, taste, or smell

A change in mood

Difficulty reading or writing

Weakness in the face, arms or legs

Brain tumor tests

CT scan- With the help of CT scan, pictures are taken of all the parts inside the brain.
MRI Scan – Imaging tests are done first to correctly diagnose brain tumors. In this, all the information related to the structure of the brain is taken with the help of radio signals. which is not found in CT scan.
Angiography – This test uses dye as an injection. The dye is injected into your brain tissue. Through this, doctors know how blood is reaching the tumor. This information is very important during brain surgery.
X-rays – Fractures in the bones of the skull can also cause a brain tumor. Fractures of skull bones are detected by x-rays.

Treatment of brain tumors

Surgery– Brain tumor can be treated only through surgery. Surgery can be done only when the size of the tumor is small. And the cancer has not spread far.
Radiation therapy Radiation such as X-rays or protons is used to kill tumor tissue. This is called radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill tumor tissue.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and tips mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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