Delhi: 11-year-old boy’s murder mystery solved in Indirapuri, father’s girlfriend…

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Child murder mystery solved

New Delhi: A case of murder of an 11-year-old child has come to light in the Indira Puri area of ​​the national capital, Delhi. After 300 CCTV cameras and 3 days of hard work, the killer of 11-year-old Masoom has been caught. Importantly, 11-year-old Divyansh was strangled to death in Indrapuri. Accused Pooja hid the body of the innocent in the bed of the house after the murder.

Why was the murder?

Angered by her boyfriend’s infidelity, Pooja kills her innocent son. Divyansh was strangled to death on the afternoon of August 10 while sleeping at home. Actually, since the year 2019, Pooja and Jitendra were in a live-in relationship. Jitendra had promised to divorce his wife and marry Pooja, but in the year 2022, Jitendra left Pooja and went back to live with his wife and son Divyansh.

Pooja was angry with Jitendra about this and wanted to teach him a lesson. Pooja felt that Jitendra refused to marry her because of her son Divyansh, after which she began to think of Divyansh as a thorn between her and Jitendra.

How was the event performed?

On August 10, Pooja asked a mutual friend for the address of Jitendra’s house in Indirapuri and when she reached there, the door of the house was open. Innocent Devyanesh was sleeping on the bed. There was no one at home. Pooja then kills Masoom to remove the thorn between Jitendra and herself and hides the body in the same bed and runs away.

Police identified Pooja with the help of CCTV camera footage. The footage of around 300 CCTV cameras of Rinhola, Nihal Vihar and Rishal Garden areas on Najafgarh-Nagloi road was then searched to trace the puja. Then after 3 days of hard work, the accused Pooja was arrested from Bakarwala area. After the arrest, Pooja confessed his crime.

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