Don’t make these mistakes while flying kites on Independence Day or you will suffer.

Independence Day 2023- India TV Hindi

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Independence Day 2023

Independence Day 2023: On August 15, the country’s Independence Day is celebrated all over India. During this time kite flying has the highest interest among children and youth. Kite fairs are also organized at many places, apart from which people fly kites on the rooftops of their houses. In such a situation, we are going to tell you what things should be taken care of while flying a kite so that you can avoid heavy damage and accidents.

  1. Choose the right place before flying a kite on Independence Day. Try to fly the kite in an open field or in a safe place. By doing this you can avoid falling and getting injured while flying the kite.
  2. If you want to fly a kite on a roof, do not fly on a roof that does not have boundary walls. Flying kites from roofs without boundary walls increases the risk of falling.
  3. While flying a kite, be careful not to use Chinese manjha at all. These foreign bodies are very sharp and increase the risk of cuts. Death has also occurred due to cuts from these beds. Use an eco-friendly cotton mat instead of the Chinese mat which you can easily find in the market.
  4. Wear gloves on your hands while flying the kite, this will prevent you from getting cut by the thread. Many times the manjha cuts too fast, which increases the risk of infection.
  5. Many birds die from being entangled in kite strings, so remember to collect the string when the kite is cut and throw it in the trash.
  6. Instead of flying big kites on Independence Day, fly small kites. A small kite will be easier to fly and the fear of the strings being cut will also be reduced.

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