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Today's Rashfall 15th August 2023 - India TV Hindi

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Today’s Rashid 15 August 2023

Today’s Rashid 15 August 2023: Today is Chaturdashi, more Shravan Krishna Paksha Adhya Tithi and Tuesday. There will be permanent yoga today at 12.43 pm. Along with this Pushya Nakshatra will remain till 1.59 PM today. Mangala Gori fast will be observed today. Find out from Acharya Indu Prakash how August 15th will be for you and what steps you can take to make it a better day. Also know what will be your lucky number and lucky color?


Today is going to be a great day for you. Will work in a planned way in business. Family atmosphere will be peaceful. This amount is likely to increase the wealth of those who own the restaurant. Higher authorities will be happy with you, your promotion talks will also come in handy. One will hear some good news from a relative due to which the atmosphere in the house will be good. You will get great success in your career, and your positive attitude will impress people a lot. Relationships between love partners will improve today, plan to have lunch together.

  • Lucky Color – Green
  • Lucky Number – 5


Today there will be a happy atmosphere in the family. Students of this amount will get full support from teachers to achieve their goals today. People will be attracted to your personality and will try to connect with you. The trader will have a better chance to advance. IT related students of this amount will get a job offer from a multinational company. All your worries that have been lingering for a long time will be removed. You will have to run a little today due to some urgent work.

  • Lucky Color – Pink
  • Lucky Number – 1


Today will be in your favor. You will get the support of your guru in your career. You will take advice from family members in some work, the advice will be beneficial for you. Today you need to be careful in transaction matters. Overwork can affect your health. You will get full support from seniors in office work. If there is a court case going on, today you will consult a good lawyer. Today is going to be a good day for students.

  • Lucky Color – Brown
  • Lucky Number – 6

A sign of cancer

Today is going to be a good day for you. You will get some good advice from your friends which will be beneficial for your future. Your health will fluctuate, so take care of yourself. You should avoid trusting an unknown person. You can extend a helping hand to people in need. Students doing fashion designing course will get to learn something new today. Sweetness will increase in marital relations. Your honor and dignity will be maintained in the society. Will go to the market to buy household goods.

  • Lucky Color – Blue
  • Lucky Number – 4

Leo Sun Sign

You will be overconfident today. With this you will get many opportunities for advancement. Will plan a religious trip with the family. You expect profit in business. Health will be better than before. You will plan to start a new job. Going through counseling in married life will increase understanding. This amount will solve the problem faced by commerce students in understanding their subject.

  • Lucky Color – Brown
  • Lucky Number – 8

Virgo Sun Sign

Your cheerful attitude today will create a bright atmosphere at home. Today is a good day for those who work in this money. The boss will be happy with your work. With proper planning you will also be able to make changes in your career. You will face challenges at the workplace. On a social level you will go out of your way to help people, people will take inspiration from you. People associated with media sector will get golden opportunities. Everything will suit you. Overall, today is going to be a good day for you.

  • Lucky Color – Peach
  • Lucky Number – 5


Today is going to be favorable for you. Business trips are likely. Due to which you will get big money. Spending time with your spouse will improve your relationship. You will give them a gift of their choice. Any problem will be shared with friends which will give you peace of mind. You might forget to put some essential items somewhere, so take special care of your belongings. Avoid eating fried foods. Today you will be able to complete the stalled works. Related to medical field

Today is a good day for people.

  • Lucky Color – Green
  • Lucky Number – 9


Today you will go to temple with your parents for darshan. New guests are likely to arrive in the house due to which the family atmosphere will remain pleasant. There will be harmony between husband and wife. Plan to watch a movie with a friend. Today is a good day for Lovemate. Getting a big order in business will bring you financial benefits. You will be busy completing tasks. Family members will expect you to do something special. You will meet their expectations.

  • Lucky Color – Maroon
  • Lucky Number – 3


Luck will be with you today. You will be able to complete an important task. The economic condition will be much stronger than before. You will get opportunities to advance based on performance. You will feel better because of full sleep. Today is a beneficial day for the electronic engineer of this zodiac sign. All the worries of your life will be removed. Businessmen will get new investors which will benefit them a lot. Life partner will get support in any household work. Young children are stubborn about anything these days.
can do.

  • Lucky Color – Golden
  • Lucky Number – 7


Today you will get some good news. You will have the opportunity to advance in your field. Those who are freelancers of this amount, are likely to increase their income. You will get profit according to your hard work. Travel for new business will be beneficial but take care of your belongings while traveling. Having the support of a life partner will keep your mind excited. If you have a bookstore, your sales will increase today.

  • Lucky Color – Red
  • Lucky Number – 1


An auspicious event will be planned in the family today. Arts students of this amount will get full support from teachers. A problem that has been in a topic for a few days will be solved easily today. You will get golden opportunities related to business. Your popularity on the social level will increase. People associated with politics will get a big responsibility today. The work of those working at the workplace will be excellent. The financial problems of the house will end. New happiness in married life
Today will be a very good day for Onga lovers.

  • Lucky Color – Yellow
  • Lucky Number – 4


Today is going to be a good day for you. Some of your tasks will be completed with the help of your spouse. Also, by getting their better advice, you will get a new source of money. There will be sweet tips on something with friends. Today will be a good day for teachers of this zodiac sign. There are chances of transfer to a place of your choice. You will feel full of energy. You should avoid taking any hasty decisions.

  • Lucky Color – Purple
  • Lucky Number – 8

(Acharya Indu Prakash is a well-known astrologer of the country, who has extensive experience in Vastu, Ocean Shastra and Jyotish Shastra. You can watch him in predictions every morning at 7.30 on India TV.)

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