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Green Boom 2023

Green Rush 2023: The season of festivals is here and amidst the work, the preparations for these poojas and festivals are also necessary. In such a time when greenery is in full swing, often the biggest tension of women is where to buy a saree and all the accessories that come with it. Also, many women do not have time to make blouses, so people are also looking for ready-made blouses. So these markets in Delhi will fulfill all your needs. The special thing is that here you will buy all these things at very cheap prices and you don’t even need to run far. So let’s know about these markets.

These markets in Delhi are the cheapest to buy green tea.

1. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is the best place to shop for green tea. By visiting here, you can shop for many things at once. All you have to do is go to Chandni Chowk and visit all the shops there and buy a saree of your choice. After that go to the nearest market and then get all the jewelery matched from there. Apart from this you will also find all the worship items here.

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2023: Get peace of mind for a few moments on this Independence Day, visit Sabarmati Ashram at Bapu’s home.

2. Meena Bazaar

You will find Banarasi and silk sarees in Meena Bazaar. Here you will also find Gujarati and Rajasthani sarees. Apart from this you will also find some Indo-Westerns here. So, you can choose these places for Hariyali Tej sarees.

Green shopping

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Green shopping

3. Sadar Bazar

A visit to Saddar Bazar can make you happy as many women’s problems can be solved here at one go. Like you will find sarees here. Matching bangles and jewelery will be available. Also here you will find shoes and sandals. Also, if you need anything else, you will find everything here.

From Raisina Hills to India Gate, these places in Delhi are saffron on August 15.

4. Lajpat Market

Lajpat Bazaar is good in every way. There are all kinds of shops here. Here you can shop for many things. As you can get some new types of indo-western sarees from here. You can buy jewelery or matching bangles from here. So, take your time in this green rush and shop at these places.

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