In the year of independence 114 films were released in theaters, 5 made a record

Independence Day 2023: India got independence from the British 77 years ago. This year was also very special for Hindi cinema. 114 films were released in the country this year. Out of which 5 films made records of success.

The clarinet
On August 15, 1947, the first Hindi film of independent India was released, titled Shehnai. The film broke records at the box office. This was the reason why this film was considered as the first hit film of independent India. The 133-minute film featured veteran actors like Kishore Kumar, Nasir Khan, Indomati, Rehana, C. Ramchandra, and VH Desai.

In the world of directing, the well-known name of that time was Abdul Rasheed Kharar, who produced the film Dard. Which was released in 1947, the year of independence. The film featured a unique love story that won the hearts of people. After which the film became one of the top 5 hits of independent India. The film starred Suriya, Manoor Sultana, Nawab Sahib and Shyam Kumar.

two brothers
If we name the successful films of the first year of independent India i.e. 1947, then the name of the film ‘Do Bhai’ is included in them. Directed by director Munshi Dil, it was one of the superhit films of the year. Who received immense love from the people.

The name of Superstar Dilip Kumar and Noor Jahan’s film ‘Jagnu’ is also included in this list. The highlight of this film was the songs of the best singer Muhammad Rafi. Which touched the hearts of the audience. This film directed by Shaukat Hussain Rizvi proved to be a super hit at the box office.

Mr. Mirza
Talking about the top hit films of 1947, it cannot be that Mirza Sahib’s name is not included in it. All the limelight of this film was Noorjahan. However, Trilok Kapoor’s brilliant performance in the film also touched the hearts of the audience. This story of two lovers also received immense love from the fans after which the film turned out to be a super hit.

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Independence Day 2023

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