Independence Day 2023: Eat and feed Bondi Ladoo on this day, learn how to make it

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Ladoo of Bundi

Independence Day 2023: Today is the biggest festival of our country. Now when there is such a big festival, sweets are prepared right? In this case, they eat sweets similar to their tricolor flag. Yes, we are talking about Bondi Ladoos, which we Indians love to eat. But, if we tell you that you can make it at home and eat it. You would think how difficult and time consuming it would be to make it at home. It’s not, it doesn’t take that much time. So, without further delay, let’s know how to make Bondi laddoos.

How to make Bondi Ladoo

You don’t need much to make Bondi laddoos at home, just take gram, ghee, milk, saffron, orange color and sugar. Along with this, cashews, cardamom and cucumber seeds can also be taken to decorate the top.

Bindi Ladoo Recipe

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Bindi Ladoo Recipe

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How to make Bundi Ladoos

Now first of all mix gram flour with milk and saffron to prepare a dough. It should be thin but not watery. Now heat ghee in a pan. Now strain this bondi and put it in ghee. Stir it frequently during this time. Fry it on low flame until it turns light brown in color. Then keep a paper aside and keep adding bondi laddoos in it. Now prepare syrup by mixing sugar and water in another way. Add orange color to it as well.

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Now add bondi, cardamom and dry fruits and mix everything. After about 10 minutes add little hot water and keep it covered for more than 40 minutes. After that apply a little on your hands and start making bondi laddoos. When some laddoos are ready, stick cucumber seeds on it and serve. You can also refrigerate it to keep it longer. So your bondi laddoos are ready. Now eat it all day long and feed people.

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