‘My dream is to make 2 crore Didis millionaires’, the Prime Minister made a big announcement from the Red Fort

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Today the country is celebrating its 77th Independence Day. Everyone is seen dressed in the colors of freedom. On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi also hoisted the flag at the Red Fort for the 10th time today. After that he has said many big things while addressing the country. What are those big things, read here.

Aiming to make 2 crore women millionaires

An additional strength is driving India forward and that is women-led growth. Today, India can proudly say that it has the largest number of women pilots. The PM said that we are working on women’s self-help groups with a target of 2 crore Lakhpati Didis.

In the next 5 years, the country will be among the top 3 global economies.

The Prime Minister hoists the flag at the Red Fort on August 15 every year. After that, Modi also addressed the nation. Even today he has said many great things while addressing the country. He said that if there is poverty in the country, the power of the middle class of the country increases further. This is Modi’s guarantee that in the next 5 years this country will make a place in the top 3 world economies. He added – We are coming up with a scheme for those middle class families who live in cities but don’t have their own house. We have decided to give relief to the middle class people who have taken loans from the bank.

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