Not one or two, Adnan Sami married four times, with the same girl twice.

Adnan Sami Unknown Facts: He is adept at getting people to speak their hearts out by saying ‘Sun Jara’ and has also ‘raised’ the emotion of ‘Churi Churi’ in ‘Wet Nights’ with the help of ‘Lucky Lips’. His songs have touched the hearts of many people but in real life he himself has said ‘perhaps this is what love is’. Of course, we are talking about Adnan Sami who married not once or twice but four times in his life. His fascination was such that he married the same girl twice. In this birthday special we introduce you to the love life of Adnan Sami.

The first marriage took place in 1993.

Jeba Bakhtiar gave the first knock on Adnan Sami’s heart in 1993. She was the same actress who played the lead role in Rishi Kapoor’s film Hina. Adnan and Zeba also had a son named Ajan Sami. However, Adnan and Zeba broke up after three years of marriage.

The second marriage lasted only one and a half years

After the break-up with Jiba, Dubai’s Arab Saba Guldari came into Adnan Sami’s life. Like Adnan, this was Saba’s second marriage. Both supported each other but this relationship also managed to travel for a year and a half.

Saba was again made a companion.

Adnan Sami was single for almost five years after his breakup with Sabah. After that, his life took a turn that surprised everyone. In fact, during the year 2008, Adnan once again made Saba Guldari his life partner. Fans felt that the two had made amends, but this rekindled relationship also broke up after only a year.

This is how Adnan found ‘true love’

During the year 2010, Adnan Sami met Roya Sami Khan. Roya is the daughter of a retired diplomat and an army general. Shortly after meeting, Adnan proposed to Roya and soon they got married. On 10 May 2017, a daughter was born to them, whom they named Medina Sami Khan.

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