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Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.  - India TV Hindi.

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Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, India TV.

Happy Independence Day to you all. First of all I want to talk to you about the pride of India, the crown of the country, Kashmir. In the Kashmir valley, where there was silence on the occasion of Independence Day, there was a curfew, there is a crowd of people, everyone is seen waving the tricolor in their hands. Where the slogans of the separatists used to be heard, the slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ are being heard. From Srinagar to Anantnag, from Pulwama to Shopian, the tricolor is hoisted everywhere. The campaign to hoist the tricolor in every home has started across India from Sunday and Kashmir has shown that its people are not behind anyone in hoisting the tricolor. The weather has changed from where the shutdown was called.

From Dal Lake to Lal Chowk in Srinagar, the tricolor is flying proudly everywhere. People are celebrating Independence Day. Today in the Kashmir valley, no one has any fear of raising the Indian flag, the tricolor was seen flying in the homes of the youths who have gone astray and become terrorists. This is the answer to the enemies who pushed Kashmir on the path of secession. This is the answer to those leaders who used to say that if Article 370 is removed from Kashmir, no hand will be found to hold the tricolor. Today, it has been four years since Article 370 was removed from Kashmir, but there is no shortage of hands holding the tricolor.

Raees Mattoo, the brother of a Hezbollah terrorist, hoisted the tricolor at his house in Sopore. It is a very special event in itself, it conveys a big message. Rais Mutto is not alone in having a family member who is a terrorist flying the tricolor at home. A similar picture has also emerged from Kishtwar. The tricolor was hoisted on the house of terrorist Mudassar Hussain in Dachhan area of ​​Kishtwar with a reward of Rs 20 lakh. Mudassar Hussain’s father, Tariq Hussain, said that his son had lost his way. Mudassar Hussain ran away from home and joined Hizbul Mujahideen in 2018. But a reward of 20 lakh rupees has been kept. But his parents want him to come back and surrender. Mudassar’s father is saying that tricolor should be hoisted in every house in Kashmir.

This time every home, office, government and private institutions in the valley is proudly waving the tricolor and the best part is that there is no pressure from the government. People themselves are coming forward and hoisting the tricolor on their homes and institutions because they see a change in Kashmir. When Article 370 was abrogated in Kashmir in August 2019, there were many fears, but today all those fears were proved wrong. Now a record number of tourists are reaching Kashmir. Incidents of terrorism have decreased. The fear of terrorists has decreased among the people. This is the reason why a large number of people are busy preparing for Independence Day.

Anantnag is the constituency of PDP leader Mehboob Mufti. A large number of people reached the sports stadium with tricolor in their hands. Mehbooba Mufti used to say that if Article 370 is abrogated from Kashmir, no one will be able to raise the tricolor in the valley, but see today in Anantnag district of the same Mehbooba Mufti, everyone has a tricolor in their hands and they are waving it. Proudly, such images of tricolor yatra are coming from every region of Kashmir Valley. Shopian was once a stronghold of terrorists. The tricolor procession started in Shopian with queues several hundred meters long. The most important thing is that there is a significant number of women and girls in this tricolor pilgrimage. If you look carefully, you will see more women than men. Shopian, Anantnag are the areas, where bandh was usually called on 14th and 15th August i.e. Independence Day of Pakistan and India. The internet was shut down to prevent any disruption. But this time there is nothing like that.

Thousands of people participated in the ‘Meri Mati, Meera Desh’ tricolor rally in Pulwama. During this tricolor rally held at Women’s Degree College, Pulwama, the enthusiasm of patriotism and nationalism was seen among the people. A large number of youth, school and college students participated in the rally. This is the same Pulwama where 40 CRPF jawans were martyred in a terrorist attack in February 2019, but now Pulwama has forgotten these bitter memories of 4 years and moved forward. Now the people here do not live in fear of terrorism, but celebrate freedom by carrying the tricolor in large numbers. A tricolor procession was taken out from the Kashmir International Convention Center to the Botanical Garden near Dal Lake in Srinagar. People came not only from Srinagar but also from different districts to participate in this tricolor rally. There were so many people involved in this rally on a route of about two and a half kilometers that even the onlookers were surprised. On one side, the tricolor yatra was going on on the road and on the other side, the people driving boats in the Dal lake were also carrying the tricolor.

LG Manoj Sinha has also played an important role in the changing situation in Kashmir in the last few years. Manoj Sinha cares about people, meets everyone, listens to their problems. Due to which he was able to win the trust of the people. The Clock Tower (Bell House) was inaugurated at Srinagar’s historic Lal Chowk on Monday evening. This clock tower is built under the Srinagar Smart City project. This clock tower was also bathed in the light of the tricolor. Lal Chowk was once considered the busiest area of ​​Srinagar but now the clock tower has become a new attraction for visitors. This change in Kashmir is amazing. Until a few years ago, it was unimaginable that the tricolor would be seen flying around. Winning the trust of the Kashmiri people is not an easy task. Great efforts have been made for this in the last 4 years. An effort was made to increase the facilities in the daily life of the people. Improvements in water and electricity were seen in schools, roads, hospitals. People started to see progress. This increased confidence. People noticed that about 1 crore 9 million tourists came to Kashmir in a year. The influx of tourists to Kashmir means jobs for the local people, their income, their prosperity, but this is only the beginning.

It cannot be said that all is well in Kashmir. Still the fire of terrorism is buried somewhere. The sparks of mistrust are still burning. The activities of the handlers sitting in the neighboring country do not stop. That is why what was witnessed in Kashmir today is a beginning. Development of Kashmir cannot happen without its people. Peace and tranquility in Kashmir cannot be maintained without winning the trust of the people there. The wounds are deep, it will take time to heal, but today the entire country felt proud to see the tricolor hoisted in the Kashmir Valley. It is believed that we are on the path of development in Kashmir. Those who carry stones have a tricolor in their hands. And the whole country is sure that the day is not far when our Kashmir will become heaven again. (Rijat Sharma)

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