Ram Katha of Morari Bapu in Cambridge, reaches Rishi Sank.

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Rishi Sank-Morari Bapu.

Morari Bapu’s Ram Katha is being held on the campus of Cambridge University, UK. Morari Bapu has organized his 921st lecture titled ‘Manas Vishwavidyalaya’ in the university grounds. British Prime Minister Rishi Shankar also attended his program. Rishi Singh, a follower of Hinduism and the first British Prime Minister of Indian origin, placed flowers on Morari Bapu’s Vyas Peth and chanted Jai Siya Ram.

They came as Hindus

In the program, Sink said that it is an honor to have Morari Bapu in the Ram Katha on Indian Independence Day. He said that he came in the program today not as Prime Minister but as a Hindu. He said that faith is a very personal matter for him, it guides him in every aspect of his life. Sink said that becoming the prime minister is not an easy task, he has to take many difficult decisions. Lighting the lamp on Diwali outside 11 Downing Street was a golden moment, he said. Ganeshji is also on the table at his PM residence.

Proud to be British and Hindu.

Rishi Sanak said he was proud to be British and Hindu. He also recalled his childhood and the time he went to the temple with his family. He said that the greatest value is duty or service. Recalling Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita and Hanuman Chalisa, Sanka said that for him Shri Ram would be an inspiration to face challenges with courage, rule with humility and act selflessly. Sink thanked Morari Bapu for his works and said that with your blessings I aspire to lead like the leaders of my scriptures. Sink admired Bapu’s impressive work and immense talent and dedication and participated in the aarti on the dais.

Blessings of Lord Hanuman.

Welcoming the British Prime Minister, Morari Bapu sought Lord Hanuman’s blessings and strength to facilitate Sanka’s service. At the beginning of the story, Morari praises Bapu Sank as not just a prime minister but a man of Indian origin. He said that the name Sank is derived from the venerable sage Shonk. He is very happy to see Sink in the role of Prime Minister.

Gift Shivling

Morari Bapu praised Rishi Sank for serving food to 50-100 volunteers. He said that the Sanks refrain from taking gifts so they have offered a sacred shivling from Somnath. Earlier, Morari Bapu also hoisted the tricolor at the university as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

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