Sunny Deol doesn’t like the word Bollywood, says – don’t be afraid of whatever it is

Sunny Deol in Bollywood: Bollywood actor Sunny Deol is making a splash at the box office with his film Gadar 2. Gadar 2 is doing good collection. This sequel of Gaidar has been released after 22 years which has been loved by people immensely. Sunny Deol is very happy with the success of Gaidar 2. He is very much enjoying this success with the team. After the success of the film, Sunny held a press conference in which he expressed his displeasure at the word Bollywood.

When someone used the word Bollywood at the press conference, Sunny Deol immediately reacted by saying that he does not like the word. He said- We make Hindi films, we should be proud of being Hindi. Just because it’s Hollywood doesn’t mean we call ourselves Hollywood. This is the Hindi film industry, Hindi cinema. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. After that he loudly chanted the dialogue of the Gathering – Hindustan Zindabad Hai Aur Rahega.

We must understand what India is.
Sunny Deol added – We should not discriminate by calling maasi films. What do you mean by Masi? The people are the people. We are public. Why are we reducing mass? Are we saying that there are other people who are at a higher level? We don’t have brains in a way that separates us from the masses. We have to understand what India is. We have so much art and culture and where has the whole world gone by stealing it? Instead of being proud of our art, we are going west. We must create something that comes from within us and from the culture.

Sunny added – We should only copy ourselves, not other countries. I think everyone will know by now how much my father and our family are connected to our roots and culture. Sunny added, “I promise that I will always make films that people will be proud of.”

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