The angry father slapped the son, the son killed the father, the body was tied in a bale.

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The son brutally killed the father.

Bulandshahr: In the high-rise city of Uttar Pradesh, the news of breaking the relationship has once again come to light. Kalugi’s son brutally killed his father over a minor dispute and fled the scene after the incident. However, the police arrested him within a few hours of the incident. The police reached the spot and took the body into custody and sent it for post-mortem and are engaged in further investigation.

The father slapped the son, the son took his life

According to information, there was an argument between a father and son over a trivial matter in Mufti Wada area of ​​Shikarpur police station of Buland Shahr on Tuesday morning. The father slapped the son, after which the son attacked the father with a stick. The father died on the spot due to the blow of the stick. After that, the son tied the dead body of the father in a potli. Then after some time he escaped from the place for fear of being caught.

Son escapes by killing father

In no time, local people reported the incident to the police. The police reached the spot and took the body into custody and sent it for post-mortem. Locals said that Rajpal was 60 years old and son Chetan was 30 years old. In the morning, there was an argument between the two. After which the son brutally killed the father and escaped. Within a few hours of receiving the information, the police arrested the accused son.

On the other hand, in this case, CO Varun Kumar Singh said that the son killed his father after a quarrel with his father in Shikarpur Nagar area. The body has been taken into custody and sent for post-mortem. A case has been registered against the accused son and the accused son has been arrested. Police are investigating the matter.

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