The security of the Indian Embassy in the US has been increased.

Indian Embassy in USA- India TV Hindi.

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Indian Embassy.

On one side the whole of India is celebrating Independence Day and on the other side the Khalistanis are plotting again. The security of the Indian Embassy in Washington has been increased. It has been revealed that the Khalistanis have planned a protest outside the embassy. For some time now, Khalistani have been violent many times under the guise of protest.

The embassy was set on fire.

In the month of July, the Khalistanis set fire to the US Consulate in San Francisco. The fire was quickly brought under control without causing any major accident. The American government condemned the incident and asked for action against the accused.

The embassy in London was also attacked.

Recently, the Khalistanis also targeted the Indian High Commission in London. In this demonstration, there was severe violence outside the High Commission and the tricolor was also insulted. The NIA is probing the incident of violence. The department has also released pictures of several Khalistanis involved in the violence.

Attack on temples in Canada

For some time now, the Khalistanis have committed major incidents against India in Canada as well. Hindu moderates are being targeted from time to time in the country. Meanwhile, Khalistanis recently took out a rally praising the killers of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. To which India had strongly objected.

Increasing attacks in many countries

Recently, anti-India incidents are being carried out by Khalistanis in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The embassies and temples located in these countries are repeatedly attacked. Recently PM Modi raised this issue with Australian PM Anthony Albanese.

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