This is how Rakhi became Gulzar after breaking up with her husband, then Andhi scattered everything

Rakhi Gulzar Unknown Facts: Who does not recognize actress Rakhi who was born on 15th August 1947, the day of independence of the country. Rakhi, who blew Ranaji’s sleep by saying Mere Karan Arjun Ayege, touched the heights with her acting that every actress aspires to. However, Rakhi faced disappointment in love. In this birthday special, we introduce you to a few pages from Rakhi’s life.

The first marriage could not take place

Born in Ranaghat, West Bengal, when Rakhi was just 16 years old, she completed seven cycles. Rakhi was married to journalist and film director Ajay Vishwas by profession. It was an arranged marriage, but Rakhi and Ajay’s relationship lasted only two years. After that, both of them parted ways.

Then tried his luck in movies.

Rakhi was also badly broken after the marriage broke up but she managed herself somehow and took steps to make a career in films. He made his acting debut in Bengali cinema during 1967 and made his debut with the film Bodhu Boron. After three years, Rakhi got her chance in Hindi cinema. She appeared in Rajshree Productions’ film Jeevan Motyu.

Such was life Gulzar

When Rakhi became a household name in Hindi cinema, she met the famous lyricist Gulzar. The two gradually came closer and one day they got married. The two married in 1973 and had a daughter, Meghana, within a year. However, after that there was a rift in Gulzar and Rakhi’s relationship. Both were separated from each other forever but they did not divorce each other.

This is how the ‘storm’ came in life

It is said that the reason for the rift in Gulzar and Rakhi’s relationship was a slap. According to media reports, during the year 1975, Gulzar went to Kashmir in search of location for his film Aandhi. There, during a party, when Sanjeev Kumar was trying to approach Suchitra Sen in a drunken state, Gulzar took control of the situation and went to leave Suchitra in her room. There Rakhi saw Gulzar and Suchitra together and a fight broke out between them. It is said that during this Gulzar also slapped Rakhi. After that, Rakhi broke Gulzar’s condition and signed the film Kabhi. Just after this step, there was a rift in the relationship between him and Gulzar.

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