To make India a developed country, the country will develop at the speed of 6G, PM Modi said from the ramparts of Red Fort.

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PM Modi India: Narendra Modi is leading the ceremony today i.e. August 15 from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Around 1800 people from across the country have been invited as special guests in the national capital. India completed 75 years of independence last year and entered into ‘Amrit Kaal’, a 25-year period to make the country a developed country by 2047. PM Modi’s address to Fasail is his 10th Independence Day speech. This is his last speech before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. PM Modi made it clear that India will grow at the speed of 6G. The speeches of the last few years reflect the goals and progress achieved in various sectors of the country.

Guarantee of Modi Malik

  1. The target is to create 2 crore millionaire Didis in the village.
  2. Corruption, nepotism and nepotism… we have to get rid of these three evils.
  3. The Vishwakarma Yojana will be launched next month.
  4. India’s flag in the world in 2047 should be the tricolor flag of developed India.
  5. Technology will come in the field of agriculture. We will train them to provide drone service.
  6. 15 thousand new medicine centers will be opened.

Fast growing Indian economy

The Prime Minister said that there is a new attraction, a new belief in the world towards India’s consciousness, India’s potential. This ray of light has risen from India, which the world is seeing as a light unto itself. We will show the world the way in the coming years. Whatever we do, whatever step we take, whatever decision we take, it is going to determine our direction for the next thousand years, it is going to write the destiny of India. PM Modi said that today our economy has reached the fifth position in the world. If the country continues to work like this, very soon we will be among the top 3 economies of the world. Today, rating agencies around the world are showing the speed of our economy. All this happened because of your faith and dedication.

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