Why did DK Sivakumar say that “One more battle for freedom needs to be fought”?

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DK Shivakumar

Karnataka Congress President and Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar on Tuesday said that now is the time to wage a war against communal forces. Speaking after attending the flag-off ceremony at the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) office premises in Bengaluru, Shivakumar said that seeds of poison are being sown in the country on the basis of religion, caste and race. , while another war of freedom needs to be fought for the sake of tolerance and brotherhood on the basis of non-violence, peace and order. He said that the contemporary struggle is to fight against communal forces.

What deputy chief minister on the opposition alliance?

DK Shivakumar He said that the country was earlier united under the Congress Party and now the country is being united under the opposition Alliance of India (India). He said, “Karnataka was the first state to fight against the British. It is our responsibility to strengthen India and protect the country. The Congress party is the party that won independence, built and developed the country. Moving on. We cannot sit still after singing the national anthem, we know what happened to freedom in this country. “Genocide in the state of Manipur, communal clashes in Haryana and lynching in Uttar Pradesh,” Shivkumar said. There are testimonies of who is crushing freedom in the country.”

BJP does not understand the importance of independence.

The deputy chief minister added, “The ideals of independence like integrity, coexistence, communal harmony and inclusion have been tarnished.” Sivakumar alleged, “BJP does not understand the importance of independence. The saffron party. has no history of participation in the freedom struggle. Esuru village in Shivmoga district of Karnataka was the first in the country to declare independence against the British. The country’s first independence in 1837. The struggle was the Amara Saliya struggle, which began in 1837. I happened. For 13 days freedom fighters hoisted Indian flags in Mangaluru city and surrounding villages, but on 21 October 1837 the main leaders of the movement were hanged. April 1938 can be called the Jallianwala Bagh of South India. .

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