Why did this Dalit writer scold the makers of Made in Heaven 2?

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Made in Heaven 2

Made in Paradise 2: The web series ‘Made in Heaven’, which won rave reviews from its first season in 2019, is back with its second season on August 10. The seven-episode web series on Amazon Prime stars Subhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur in the lead roles, and each episode sees them battling a new social issue. An episode of this series is now much talked about, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte also appeared in this episode. A writer on social media has made serious allegations against the makers. Directed by Neeraj Ghiwan, the episode stars Radhika Apte as Pallavi Manke, a Dalit bride.

What did author Yashika Dutt say?

Writer Yashika Dutt took to social media to share a long note on Instagram regarding the episode. He has criticized the makers for not mentioning or crediting him for the show. Sharing a clip of the scene showing the inter-personal marriage, Dutt shared a lengthy note tagging director Neeraj Ghiwan.

Showing your face without permission

He captioned the post, “It’s been a long few days. Seeing my face on screen without any warning or permission has been a roller coaster from thrill and excitement to sadness and loss. I’m the best of @neeraj.ghaywan.” Will continue to support the work. Do it, first with Made in Heaven or with Gally Pucci. But it needs to be addressed.”

The makers are not named anywhere.

In the note, Dutt wrote, “The scene where the Dalit author, who is from Colombia, writes a book about ‘coming out’ and talks about her grandmother ‘cleaning the toilet by hand’ Jeon shows her selfishness with a partner. It’s unreal to see a part of my life on screen that wasn’t me but was still me. But heartbreak soon broke. Those were my words, but my name. There was nowhere.”

Compliment of Neeraj Ghiwan

Yashika wrote in her note, “Before coming out as a Dalit in 2016, there was no term to identify the act of revealing one’s Dalitness after years of concealing it and wearing it proudly. Today in 2023 , both are Dalit directors. Like Neeraj Ghiwan, Bollywood has revolutionized our cinematic language by showcasing fearless Dalits, a tradition that has an even longer history in southern cinema.”

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