A special pooja of ‘Chadi Mubarak’ was held at the historic Shankaracharya temple, the Mahant said.

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At the historic Shankaracharya temple, ‘Poojan’ was performed with Vedic chants amid the sound of Shankar’s shells.

Srinagar: As part of the ongoing annual Amarnath Yatra in Jammu and Kashmir, a special pooja of Lord Shiva’s stick ‘Chadi Mubarak’ was held on Wednesday. The ‘Chadi Mubarak’ was taken to the historic Shankaracharya temple on the hill for special rituals. Under the leadership of Mahant Dipendragiri, the ‘Chhari Mubarak Swami Amarnathji’ was taken to the historic Shankaracharya Temple on the Gopadri Hills for puja on the occasion of ‘Hariyali Amavasya’ (Shravan Amvasya) as per the ancient ritual. Dipendra Giri, the keeper of the sacred stick, said the special ritual was accompanied by Vedic chanting between conch shells.

Special prayers were offered for the betterment of the people.

Giri said the sadhus who came with the holy staff participated in pujas and rituals and prayed collectively for the peace and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir. Mahant said that special prayers were offered for the betterment of the people. He said that the blessed stick will be taken to the ‘Sharika Bhavani’ temple in Haripurat on Thursday for darshan of the goddess. He said that on Saturday there will be a cane installation ceremony at Shri Amreshwar Mandir Dashnami Akhara. Giri said that after the ‘Chandi Poojan’ at Dashnami Akhara in Srinagar on August 21 on the occasion of Nagpanchami, the holy stick will leave for ‘Poojan’ at the holy cave of Amarnath where devotees will worship it on the morning of ‘Shravan Purnima’. Will visit. Will be able to have ‘Darshan’ on 31st August.

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Image source: India TV

Deepender Giri, the keeper of the holy stick, said that special prayers were offered for the betterment of the people.

‘People of the state have always supported Yatra’
Giri informed that the holy rod Mubarak Yatra will stop at Pahalgam for one night on August 26-27, followed by Chandanbari on August 28, Sheshnag on August 29 and Panchatarni on August 30. After the pooja at the sacred cave shrine, the next day ‘immersion’ will be performed in the Ladar River at Pahalgam. Giri expressed satisfaction that this time the Amarnath Yatra went smoothly and there were no untoward incidents. He said, ‘People of Jammu and Kashmir have always supported the Yatra and I am sure it will continue. When we welcome travelers, it sends a message across the country. I think in the coming time more people will travel and the facilities will also improve.

So far 4.21 lakh pilgrims have had darshan of Baba Barfani.
Let us tell you that the Amarnath Yatra is going on peacefully this year and no untoward incident has taken place. So far this year, 4.21 lakh pilgrims have had darshan of Baba Barfani. The special thing is that this time Shravan is 2 months and hence Amarnath Yatra is also 62 days long. The Amarnath Shrine Board has made special arrangements to ensure that devotees do not face any inconvenience during the pilgrimage.

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