Batu started running wearing bajrangi lungi, policemen were seen running behind, video went viral

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Butto Bajrangi came into the clutches of the police

Batu Bajrangi, accused of violence in Haryana’s Noah, has been arrested by the police from his house in Faridabad. Batu has been arrested by the Crime Investigation Agency of Todo police station in Noh district. Before the Brijmandal Yatra in Noah, Batu Bajrangi posted several provocative videos on social media. A case was registered against him in this case, though he was released on bail. Since then, demands for Butto’s arrest were being made on social media. Batu Bajrangi is accused of obstructing official work, snatching weapons and misbehaving with the police.

Film style capture

Butto Bajrangi’s arrest was filmed. The CCTV footage of his arrest has also surfaced which can be viewed. Faridabad In 2007, a team of Noah’s crime branch arrived at Batu’s house in plain clothes in a convoy of three armed vehicles. Seeing the police team, Batu started running. After that, all the policemen also started running after Battu and Battu, who had a heavy body, was caught and brought. When Batu Bajrangi was arrested, there was complete chaos in this street. In CCTV footage, Batu is seen running away with Bajrangi lungi-clad policemen.

In the video, it can be clearly seen that one after the other policemen are running after Butto and Batto with a heavy body is seen fleeing from the clutches of the police.

Watch the video-

Butto Bajrangi’s video went viral just before Noah’s violence.

Tell that real name of Batu Bajrangi is Rajkumar. He is also the president of an organization called Gorakhsha Bajrang Force. Before July 31, the video of Batu Bajrangi went viral on social media. In which Batu said to give him the complete location, where I am and where I am coming from. Otherwise, we will talk later, not saying that we came and did not meet. That’s why we are giving complete location. Have flower garlands ready for us. During the video, Batu Bajrangi is also showing his supporters. Batu Bajrangi says that he is currently in Pali, Faridabad. It is being claimed on social media that this video of Butto is from the morning of July 31, the day of the violence.

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