Big consignment of tomatoes from Nepal will now be sold four times cheaper.

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If you are worried about buying expensive tomatoes, there is good news for you. In fact, the price of tomatoes is going to be four to five times cheaper. The reason for this is the shipment of tomatoes from Nepal. Clarified that around five tonnes of tomatoes imported from Nepal are still en route (in transit) and will be sold in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday at a discounted price of Rs 50 per kg. The National Consumer Cooperative Federation of India Limited (NCCF) gave this information on Wednesday. NCCF has signed an agreement to import 10 tonnes of tomatoes from Nepal.

Along with imports, NCCF is also doing domestic procurement of tomatoes on behalf of the central government and selling them to consumers at subsidized rates. The NCCF is ‘intervening’ at the retail level following the directives of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. “We have signed an agreement to import 10 tonnes of tomatoes from Nepal. Of this, 3-4 tonnes were distributed in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday,” NCCF Managing Director Anees Joseph Chandra told PTI. Five tonnes is in transit and will be sold in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. He said that tomatoes spoil quickly, due to which it cannot be sold in other parts of the country.

UP residents will get the cheapest tomatoes.

Nepal is on the border of UP. Hence, the Nepalese shipment of tomatoes will end here. If several days pass in shipping, it may be damaged. In such a case, the people of UP will get the benefit of the cheapest tomatoes. In Uttar Pradesh, both imported and locally procured tomatoes are being sold through mobile vans at retail outlets as well as at selected locations. He said that tomatoes procured from the major producing states of Delhi-NCR and Rajasthan are being sold at a discounted rate of Rs 50 per kg. When asked about further import of tomatoes from Nepal, Joseph Chandra said, “Imports from Nepal will be graded as domestic arrivals have started in the markets of some states.” He further said that arrival of new tomatoes has started in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. The tomato crop has started arriving in the wholesale markets and the prices are also coming down.

According to official data, the all-India average wholesale price of tomato fell to Rs 88.22 per kg on August 15, from Rs 97.56 per kg a month ago. Similarly, the all-India average retail price of tomato has come down to Rs 107.87 per kg from Rs 118.7 per kg a month ago, the data showed. (language)

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