China is building a 600-meter long airstrip on a disputed island in the South China Sea.

Suspicious runway is being constructed by China in South China Sea.- India TV Hindi.

Image source: AP
China is building a suspicious runway in the South China Sea.

Compelled by its habit of chaos, China has started construction of an airstrip on a disputed island in the South China Sea. This has spread panic in many countries. After the report came out and the satellite images came out, India has also become alert. The US is monitoring China’s every move. Satellite images show China building an airstrip over a disputed island in the South China Sea. Vietnam and Taiwan also claim the island. The Associated Press has analyzed the satellite images. The construction is being done on Triton Island in the Parcel Islands.

Earlier, China had built seven man-made islands in the Spratly Islands with airstrips, ports and military installations. China claims almost the entire South China Sea, rejecting the claims of other countries. Construction on the airstrip first appeared in early August in Planet Labs-PBC satellite images analyzed by The AP. According to the schedule, the runway will be more than 600 meters long on which turboprop aircraft and drones can land easily. However, fighter or bomber planes will not be able to operate from here.

Photo of a large number of vehicles near the island

Much of the island is also showing road construction for a large number of vehicles. Containers and construction materials are also seen. The Triton Parcel is one of the larger islands of the archipelago, roughly equivalent to the coast of Vietnam and the island province of Hainan, China. The US has not taken a position on China’s claim, but regularly sends ships near Chinese-held islands, promising “freedom of navigation”. In 2018, Triton was at the center of the American mission. The island has a small harbor and buildings with a Chinese helipad and radar system. The Chinese flag is raised on two large landmasses on the island.

China discussed the construction of an airstrip.

China says the construction is meant to help protect global shipping. He declined to provide further details regarding the construction of his island. China has denied accusations that it is militarizing the vital waterway, which carries about $5 trillion in trade annually. China says it has the right to do whatever it wants in its sovereign territory. China took full control of the Parcel Islands from Vietnam in a brief naval skirmish in 1974. (AP)

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