Delhi: He was seducing men by posing as a woman on social media, arrested

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The suspect has been identified as a resident of the West African country of Ghana.

New Delhi: A 35-year-old Ghanaian has been arrested for befriending men on social media and pretending to be a woman to trick them. Police gave this information on Wednesday. Police said the accused used to tell the victims that he had sent gifts for them, for which they would have to pay shipment charges and customs duties.

According to the police, the suspect has been identified as Prince Joy, who is a resident of the West African country of Ghana. A senior police officer said that the complainant alleged that he had come in contact with a woman on ‘Instagram’ in June. The accused, posing as a woman, told the victim that he had sent her a birthday present.

In this way, the accused used to trap people in his trap.

The officer said that on July 9, the victim received a call from an unknown person. The caller told him that his parcel had arrived and he would have to pay Rs 27,300 in shipment charges for its delivery. After the complainant paid the money, he received another call from the same number, informing him that the parcel was with the customs authorities and he would have to pay Rs 31,500 to release it, police said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Rohni) Gaurikbal Singh Sidhu said that during the investigation, it was found that the money was fraudulently withdrawn from the ATM in Khanpur Extension. Raids were conducted and Joy was arrested from Deoli Road, Khanpur. The deputy commissioner said that Joy revealed that he used to create fake profiles of women on social media saying he was abroad and send ‘friend requests’ to men. He used to win their trust and increase their closeness. Police said that 31 SIM cards were recovered from him. (input language)

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