Fact Check: FDA Doesn’t Approve Ivermectin As Corona Drug, Claim Turns Out To Be Misleading

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Viral test of misleading post on ivermectin

India TV Fact Check: Various misleading information regarding health is being shared on social media. Here people fearlessly share misleading information about any disease from home remedies to allopathy medicines. We came across one such social media post, in which an allopathic drug, Ivermectin, is claimed to be used in the treatment of deadly diseases like Corona and has been approved by the US agency FDA. So when we fact-checked the viral post, the claim proved to be completely false.

What is the claim in the viral post?

A user on social media platform X (Twitter) with the username @wabbitwarrior shared a link to the news, writing, “Remember when it was horse plague? When everyone thought about this ‘miracle vaccine’ you Called stupid? Remember when it was Yes, the FDA finally approved it. A user named White Wabbit Warrior shared a link to a news article titled, “FDA Agrees that doctors can prescribe ivermectin to treat covid-19.” Similarly, in another X post, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kerry Lake posted, “FDA now accepts that doctors prescribe ivermectin to treat covid-19. Can prescribe Ivermectin for

Reality check

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Viral post claims approval of Ivermectin for treatment of Corona

India TV checked the facts.

When we clicked on the news link shared with @wabbitwarrior’s tweet, we learned that the FDA has approved the use of ivermectin to treat covid, a claim filed in court by Ashley Cheung Honnold. Based on going. Ashley Cheung-Honnold, a Justice Department attorney representing the FDA in US court. Significantly, three American doctors filed a lawsuit accusing the FDA of improperly interfering with their medical practice. In his argument, Honnold says, “FDA clearly believes that physicians have the authority to prescribe ivermectin for the treatment of COVID.”

Reality check

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The lawyer’s argument was written in an article shared in a viral tweet

The FDA has no right to stop doctors.

When we started searching the internet regarding the FDA and Ivermectin, we came across several reports. After reading several reports and articles, I realized that there are many flaws in the way this claim is being made based on the argument of the lawyer in the viral post. First, the FDA has never had the authority to prevent doctors from prescribing FDA-approved drugs such as ivermectin for off-label uses. The FDA only regulates how drug manufacturers may advertise and label their drugs to the general public and physicians, but this authority does not give the FDA authority over how physicians prescribe these drugs to patients. manage.

Reality check

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2009 Congressional Research Service Report Document

This was explained in a 2009 Congressional Research Service report on off-label drug use. It reads, “While a physician may prescribe a drug for off-label use, a pharmaceutical company may not market or promote the use of any drug other than that on the label—this application I’m just FDA approved.” done

Ivermectin was not approved for the treatment of Covid.

We then went to the FDA website and carefully read its instructions for Ivermectin. In it, the FDA does not prohibit doctors from prescribing the drug but it does state that the FDA has not approved the drug for the treatment of COVID-19.

Reality check

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Guidelines for ivermectin on the FDA website

Then where did the lawyer’s argument come from?

The FDA’s recent “approval” claims that doctors are now allowed to prescribe the drug to treat COVID-19, according to a federal court lawsuit filed by three doctors against the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Attached to the case. In it, the three doctors claim that the federal intrusion caused by the FDA’s statements against ivermectin constitutes an unconstitutional interference with their right to practice.

The doctors who filed the case lost the case in December 2022. He appealed against the decision. Oral arguments for this case were first held on August 8, 2023. A statement made during these arguments led to this false claim about the FDA in August 2023.

Hence the claim in India TV Fact Check that FDA has approved Ivermectin to treat Corona is completely misleading. The FDA has not approved ivermectin to treat the virus.the safety or efficacy of ivermectin for coronavirus is unclear from clinical studies and scientific evidence.

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