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Love Horoscope 16th August 2023 - India TV Hindi

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Love Horoscope 16 August 2023

Love Horoscope 16 August 2023: How will today (August 16) be for your love life and what measures can you take to improve this day, get answers to all these questions from famous astrologer Chirag Bijan Daruwala.


Ganesh says that you will be engrossed in your work and will not be able to spare much time for your partner. But some romantic messages can serve as a reminder to your partner. Work-life balance is essential for a happy and successful life. You can share some good feelings with your partner. There will be more harmony in your relationship with your beloved.

  • Fortunate the color : Yellow
  • Fortunate Score : 1


Today you should put aside your analytical mind and let your heart do the work while dealing with your partner, says Ganesha. Take some time out of your busy schedule and surprise your partner. Don’t forget to bring gifts. You may have a heated argument with your partner. You need to avoid it and keep a friendly attitude.

  • Fortunate the color : Pink
  • Fortunate Score :3


Ganesha says Cupid is in your favor today. You are likely to get a favorable response to your proposal. With your confident and charming personality, you are in a positive direction to attract the attention of your loved ones today. You may have a disagreement with your partner and this may be due to a communication gap. You need to understand each other better and resolve differences.

  • Fortunate the color : Purple
  • Fortunate Score : 2


Ganesha says that domestic disputes can exhaust you completely. Your anger and aggressive behavior can weaken the bond of your relationship. Stop yourself from getting involved in the conversation as it may end on a negative note or even lead to a breakup. You may feel as if you are separated from your partner. It is just a feeling and in reality your lover will love you more.

  • Fortunate the color : Golden
  • Fortunate Score :10

lion :

Ganesha says everything is going smooth and peaceful, so avoid creating unnecessary trouble by dominating your partner. Try to listen and act with an open mind. This can help you understand your partner’s point of view. You will be more calm in your approach with your partner. This will lead to better understanding with each other.

  • Fortunate the color : Turquoise
  • Fortunate Score : 8


Appreciation at work will keep you happy throughout the day, says Ganesh. You will make some extra efforts to share happiness with your loved one. You can have a pleasant time discussing your future plans with your partner. You are likely to have ego issues with your partner. It would be wise to avoid this tendency to understand each other too well.

  • Fortunate the color : Black
  • Fortunate Score : 1


Stop taking your relationship and your partner for granted, says Ganesha. Your partner has supported you through all your difficulties, it’s time to share your success and happiness with them. Your carelessness can cause a rift in your relationship. You can block some insecurities and express them to your partner. These feelings can affect attraction in a relationship.

  • Fortunate the color : Blue
  • Fortunate Score : 4


Ganesh says that today you are likely to get a lot of encouragement from your partner. They will support your dreams and boost your motivation to work hard to achieve them. But you need to take proper care of your partner’s health. You may harbor more egoistic feelings in your mind. You really need to avoid this in order to maintain harmony in the relationship.

  • Fortunate the color : Red
  • Fortunate Score :14


Ganesh says this is not the right time to show arrogance. You have to prepare yourself to make many sacrifices for your loved one. Keep yourself away from indulging in any kind of unfaithful activities as it may end your relationship. You will enjoy an excellent level of communication with your partner. You need to talk to your partner about any good things that happen in your home.

  • Fortunate the color : White
  • Fortunate Score : 8


Ganesh says that when the time comes to meet your beloved, you can let go of all your stress. Your partner may feel emotionally exhausted but you will handle the situation with your practical mindset. You will be more honest in your approach with your partner. This will help your loved one understand you better.

  • Fortunate the color : grey
  • Fortunate Score :16


Ganesh says this is the perfect time to plan a short vacation with your partner and spend some quality time with them. You may get a marriage proposal from your partner. Monitor communication with your partner. You may show signs of frustration and this may disrupt harmony.

  • Fortunate the color : Golden
  • Fortunate Score :12


Ganesha says that today there may be some ups and downs in your relationship. You need to share your true feelings with your partner. Too much silence can cause communication problems between you and your loved one. You will enjoy an intoxicating mix of romantic feelings and this may rub off on your partner. This will help in building a better relationship with each other.

  • Fortunate the color : Brown
  • Fortunate Score : 9

(Astrologer Chirag Daruwala is the son of expert astrologer Bijan Daruwala. He is known for his detailed astrological predictions on love, finance, career, health and business.)

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