In the India Alliance, the dispute started again! After Alka Lamba’s statement, the political upheaval intensified

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Congress spokesperson Alka Lamba.

New Delhi: India Alliance allies, the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress, witnessed yet another clash and confusion on Wednesday. While Congress leader Alka Lamba has said that the party leaders have been asked to prepare for all the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, on the other hand, AAP spokesperson Priyanka Kakkar said that if the Congress does not unite in Delhi, then There is no one. India’s cue to go to the next meeting. However, after the uproar over Alka Lamba’s statement, the Congress said that his statement was not the official statement of the party.

‘We were asked to prepare for Lok Sabha elections’

In a statement given to news agency ANI, Congress party spokesperson Alka Lamba said that in a meeting with the top leadership of the party, it has been decided to contest in all the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. Lamba said, ‘Rahul Gandhi, Khargeji, KC Venugopal and Deepak Babriaji were present in the meeting which lasted for 3 hours. We have been asked to prepare for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It has been decided that we will contest elections on all 7 seats. 7 months are left and all the party workers have been asked to prepare for all the seven seats.

“Then there is no point in India joining the alliance.”

As soon as Congress leader Alka Lamba’s statement came out, there was a stir. Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Priyanka Kakkar said, “…if it (Congress) does not want to form an alliance in Delhi, then there is no point in going to the Indian alliance, it is a waste of time.” The top leadership of the party will decide whether to attend the next meeting of the India Alliance or not. At the same time, AAP minister in Delhi Saurabh Bhardwaj said that our central leadership will decide on unity and other issues in Delhi. He said that we will sit with the Indian constituencies and discuss it.

‘There was no discussion on unity today’

The party’s Delhi in-charge Deepak Babria denied Alka Lamba’s statement and said that there was no talk of an alliance for the Lok Sabha elections, only organization and flood. He said, ‘Alka Lamba is a spokesperson but he is not authorized to discuss such important issues. I have said as the in-charge that no such discussion took place in today’s meeting. I refute Alka Lamba’s statement. After the meeting ended, I clearly said that there was no discussion regarding election or unity in the meeting. I also said that any talks of Indian unity would take place only in the presence of Mallikarjan Khargeji.

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