NASA issues dire warning for 2024

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The American space agency NASA has issued a dire warning about the coming year 2024. According to NASA, there is going to be a terrible heat around the world next year. Due to the extreme heat, the fear of losing the lives of a large number of people is also being expressed. NASA has said that people should start preparing now to deal with this heat. If there is a delay, the risk may increase.

July is the hottest month

July this year was the hottest month on record since 1880, according to NASA. Due to which there is a possibility of more heat next year. This year, from July 3 to August 7, i.e., 36 consecutive days of atrocious temperatures have been recorded. According to NASA chief Bill Nelson, billions of people experienced extreme heat this year.

The climate change crisis

Bill said that America and any other country, everyone is facing a climate change crisis right now. This must be understood by all, otherwise this earth will not be habitable. Due to climate change, the situation of fire and flood is being seen all over the world. Various disasters are coming to the fore.

What is the cause of the crisis?

Globally increasing pollution, carbon emissions and El Nino effects have exacerbated the climate change crisis. From the US to China, it’s terribly hot. Due to higher than normal heat, the forests of Canada, America and Europe have caught fire. Also, the monsoon storm has worsened the situation in many places. According to the report, hundreds of people have died due to heat in China. According to Berkeley ecologist JK Hausfather, more dire disasters are ahead. Despite decades of warnings, the use of fossil fuels is not stopping.

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