New mothers give up sleep for the baby and this leads to many health problems including depression

Importance of sleep for new moms: Becoming a mother is not only a joyful experience, but the arrival of a little guest in the house also resonates with the family. If you see, with the arrival of a new child, the work and responsibilities of both the mother and the father increase, but the mother has to work harder than the father, because initially all the responsibility of taking care of the child and feeding him. Feeding is on the mother. In this case, new mothers often have sleep-related problems after spending all their time taking care of the baby. A mother who spends days and nights caring for a baby may not fully recover after delivery and may face many problems due to sleep deprivation (less sleep for new mothers). That is why health experts do not advise new mothers to compromise on sleep.

The child’s parents do not get full sleep for 6 years

A study published in the journal Sleep a few years ago said that parents who are busy caring for a child for six years after birth do not get enough sleep. Especially the mother who has to breastfeed the newborn has to stay awake for a long time, so her lack of sleep affects her body in many ways. Let’s know that due to lack of sleep, the new mother What problems can be faced? In particular, some children’s biological clock is such that they play at night and sleep during the day. In such a case, the sleep of the mother who is playing with the child and feeding it is also adversely affected.

Risk of depression due to lack of sleep

Due to lack of sleep in a new mother, fatigue, weakness, tension are present all the time and all these conditions lead to depression. Due to this, his mind is not able to focus on things properly. Worrying about the baby puts her under stress all the time and because of this she is more prone to depression.

This amount of sleep is very important for a new mother.

Health experts say that a new mother should sleep at least seven hours. These are the average and necessary hours of sleep for a common man without which his body can become ill. The Sleep Foundation also says that breastfeeding mothers should get at least seven hours of sleep.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and tips mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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