Now there is only so much distance left to reach the moon, the landing preparations are complete.

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Chandrayaan 3 came very close to the Moon.

Chandrayaan 3 Mission: ISRO today successfully completed the fourth maneuver to bring Chandrayaan closer to the surface of the Moon and after the completion of this process, the distance from Chandrayaan 3 to the Moon has reduced significantly. Now Chandrayaan is only 153 km x 163 km from the Moon. After the completion of the Chandrayaan mission process, ISRO has also started preparations for another important phase when the lander Vikram will be separated from the propulsion module at 1:08 pm on Thursday. Chandrayaan 3’s orbit has been changed for the third time since reaching lunar orbit on August 5.

Complete preparations for landing on the surface of the moon

The main role of the Propulsion Module is to take the Chandrayaan out of the Earth and bring it closer to the Moon. After the lander Vikram is set in a 100KMx100KM lunar orbit, the propulsion module will separate from the lander Vikram tomorrow afternoon and after that the lander Vikram will decide on the journey to land on the lunar surface. Moon

The landing will take place on August 23.

Clarify that the Vikram lander will be brought into a 30KMx100 km orbit around the Moon before a soft landing on the lunar surface at 5.47 pm on August 23, after which the Vikram lander and the Pragyan rover will rendezvous with the Moon. The journey will begin.

As the Chandrayaan-3 mission progresses, ISRO is conducting continuous exercises to gradually reduce the orbit of Chandrayaan-3. On August 16, the orbit will decrease again to a 100 km orbit.

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