Nusrat used to play the harmonium secretly from her father, then they were convinced of her skill

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Unknown Facts: Music doesn’t care about borders. When he is at his peak, he crosses all limits. There have been many poets, singers and artists in India and Pakistan, for whom the border never came. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan also had a similar attitude. There is such a magic in his words that hearing his voice becomes his alone. In fact, Nusrat Sahib said goodbye to this world in 1997 on this day i.e. August 16. In this case, we are introducing you to some of his life stories.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was born in Pakistan.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was born on 13 October 1948 in Faisalabad, Pakistan. His family also suffered from partition, as before partition he lived in Jalandhar, India. Nusrat’s father Fateh Ali Khan Sahib was the best qawwali of his time, due to which his house used to be a gathering of qawwali learners. You will be surprised to know that despite the Qawwali atmosphere at home, Nusrat learned to play the harmonium secretly from his father.

Nusrat’s father did not want him to become a Qawwal.

Nusrat Ali Khan’s original name was Pervez. A Sufi saint asked his father to change his name. At the same time, it was said to keep the name in such a way that there is light in the house. Parvez’s name was then changed to Nusrat, which means the path to success. Tell that Nusrat Sahib’s father wanted him to become a doctor, because Nusrat Sahib, the youngest of his five children, was so shy by nature that his father felt that he could not bear the burden of the Qawwali profession. will

Learned to play the harmonium secretly.

Nusrat’s father wanted him to become a doctor. Because of this, he was also forbidden to learn music and sit in class. In such a situation, Nusrat used to secretly listen to his father’s Qawwali and learned to play harmonium-tabla from his uncle. One day Fateh Ali Khan saw Nusrat playing tabla. After that, on the persuasion of the family, they allowed Nusrat to become a Qawwal. However, he had to struggle to learn all this, as Nusrat had to slap him on the cheek for a wrong accent. Gradually Nusrat Sahib’s hard work paid off and his voice became the heartbeat of everyone.

The last song was released three years after his death.

Tell that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had problem in kidney and liver. While he was on his way to Los Angeles for a kidney transplant, he was taken to a London hospital after his health deteriorated on the way. He died there on August 16, 1997 due to a heart attack. Let us tell you that the song ‘Dilhe Ka Suhra Sahana Lagga Hai’ from the movie Dhadkan released during the year 2000 was Nusrat Sahib’s last song used in any Bollywood film, which was used three years after his death. had gone.

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