‘Paani Bana Mar Jeete Kisan’ will fill your eyes, this song describes the pain of farmers.

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Ganjan Singh’s new song Pani Bana Mar Jeete Kisan

Every day more than one song is released in Bhojpuri industry which touches people’s hearts. Now recently Bhojpuri folk singer Gunjan Singh’s new song ‘Paani Bana Maar Jeetate Kisan’ has been released. The song has taken YouTube by storm since its release. People are loving this song describing the pain of farmers. Also, this song based on farming has been well appreciated by the critics. The song’s music video features Ujjala Yadav opposite Gunjan Singh.

This song depicts the pain of farmers.

About the song ‘Pani Bana Mar Jeete Kisan’, Gunjan Singh said, ‘Our country is based on agriculture. Our farmers live in villages and their main occupation is still agriculture. Even in modern times farmers expect rain for Patwan. In such a situation, when there is no rain, the farmers become sad and disappointed. There is a lot of trouble in them. Farmers have no other means of livelihood other than farming. We also come from Jowar village and being sons of a farmer understand the pain. That is why today we have made this folk song feel the pain of farmers. The heart sounds of the farmer brothers have been given the form of a song. This song of Gunjan Singh is getting a lot of love from fans now.

Lyricist is Aman Al Bela.

Tell that the lyricist of the song ‘Paani Bana Mar Jeete Kisan’ is Aman Al Bela and the music composer is Pappu Bhai. Ajala Yadav is seen in the music video of this song. And Tushar Singh has special support.

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