Pakistani Taliban praised India on Independence Day, expressed regret for the situation in Pakistan.

Pakistani Taliban praise India on Independence Day, express regret for Pakistan's situation - India TV Hindi

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Pakistani Taliban praised India on Independence Day, expressed regret for the situation in Pakistan.

Afghanistan: Pakistan’s terrorist organization TTP i.e. Pakistani Taliban has become a headache for his country. TTP, which commits acts of terrorism every day, made such a statement for its country Pakistan, which must have increased the concern of Pakistan. This terrorist organization is responsible for many terrorist attacks in Pakistan. After what the Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) said on the occasion of the country’s Independence Day on August 14, Pakistan’s worries must have increased. In its statement, TTP mentioned the plight of Pakistan and also discussed the development of India. Both the countries were independent together but TTP mentioned only India’s fast growing economy to Pakistan instead of Pakistan. Also gave a warning. TTP has appealed for real freedom on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day. With this, he has once again talked about the implementation of Shariat in Pakistan.

Sorry for the condition of Pakistan, blame on the army

On its Independence Day, TTP has expressed regret over the deteriorating condition of Pakistan. TTP congratulated him and also showed him the mirror. He has rubbed salt in Pakistan’s wounds by giving the example of India’s growing economy. TTP has said that Pakistan could not benefit from the independence it got on August 14, 1947. The organization says that the economic crisis, poverty, violence, corruption, lack of Islamic system have taken the country away from peace and prosperity. Along with this, TTP has blamed the Pakistan Army for the current crisis in the country.

This kind of definition of India

TTP said that even after 76 years of independence, Pakistan has not been able to develop as a self-reliant country. After that, TTP gave the example of India. The organization said that today India is the fifth largest economy in the world. TTP also appreciated the economic condition of Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The terrorist organization has blamed the Pakistani army and elites for the economic crisis in the country. It is because of them that the country could not do anything in the last 76 years. The TTP has said that it will soon bring true independence to Pakistan under Sharia law.

What is the purpose of TTP?

The TTP was formed in 2007 after the separation from the Afghan Taliban. Since then, this organization has been engaged in targeting Pakistan for more than a decade. The organization demands that Islamic law be implemented in the country. Along with this, he is also putting pressure on the government to release many of his major terrorists.

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