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Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, India TV.

On the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a big message for 2024 from the ramparts of Red Fort. While starting his election campaign, he gave a blunt reply to the opposition parties without talking about the election without naming anyone. First, Modi counted the achievements of his 9 years. Homes for the poor, business growth through Mudra Yojana, support to MSMEs, water in every house, Ayushman Bharat, Jan Oshadhi Kendra, Urea for farmers, mentioned many works. It was told how India’s economy rose from 10th to 5th place in the world in the last 9 years. Modi then explained his vision for the coming 5 years. Focus on middle class, help in building houses in cities, cheap internet data and assurance of inflation control. Modi claimed that in the next 5 years he will make India’s economy the third largest economy in the world.

Modi then talked about the next 25 years. In 2047 he dreamed of making India a developed country. Talked about the changing world order and at the end of the speech, Modi sprinkled salt on the fire of the opposition parties. He said that if India is to become the third largest economy in the world, then the country will need a strong government. Modi first said that I will come back, address the red fort again next year, after which Modi made the final attack. Narendra Modi made his election agenda clear. Modi sought public support to fight three evils, one, corruption, two, nepotism and third, nepotism. Now it is no secret that these three attacks are on the new alliance of the opposition parties. The alliance formed to counter Modi.

What was seen on the ramparts of the Red Fort was a vintage Modi look. From what was heard on the eve of Independence Day, it seemed that the old fighter Modi was back in the fray. Anyway, I think Modi is more effective in negative situations. I don’t think even the opposition parties had any hope that Modi would speak so frankly and frankly from the walls of the Red Fort. But Modi is Modi. They go on their way. He gave selective answers to the opposition parties. Answered everything big and small. As is often said about teleprompters. Modi did not use a teleprompter in his speech. Modi’s old enthusiasm for speaking fluently was palpable. It is not easy to speak for an hour and a half with only notes.

It was alleged that Modi refrained from speaking on Manipur, he assured from the ramparts of the Red Fort that peace would soon be established in Manipur. Modi made people realize that he thinks positively, only thinking about the country. But his opponents only talk negatively and only care about his family. Modi’s speech had three main issues – corruption, nepotism and appeasement. All the leaders of the alliance of opposition parties who are angry with CBI and ED, Rahul, Mamata, Lalu, Pawar, Kejriwal, Stalin all accuse Modi of playing politics by using investigative agencies. That is why Modi made corruption an issue. However, in this case, the opposition will name leaders like Ajit Pawar and say that they have come after being washed in the washing machine. But nepotism is a matter where Modi’s injury will have the biggest impact. Modi has no family of his own. He repeatedly addressed his compatriots as ‘my family’. Called 140 crore people his family.

In his 90-minute speech, Modi used the word ‘members of my family’ around 48 times. It will have an impact on the minds of the people. Mentioning appeasement, Modi gave a message to BJP’s core voters. He assured that he would never play politics of appeasement for votes, but Narendra Modi said two things which indirectly meant that if the people of the country elected him for the third time, what would be the far-reaching consequences. That is why Modi talked about bringing India into the category of powerful countries like America in 2047. He warned the people that there was a mistake in defeating Prithviraj Chauhan 1000 years ago. The country was punished for its thousand years, but it will not be allowed to happen again. Now it will be ensured that India never becomes a slave again. Its original meaning was that the mistake should not be repeated, if a mistake is made, it will be a loss of moments and the punishment will be centuries. (Rijat Sharma)

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